Alumni Scholarships

Making a gift towards Scholarships at Aston is an effective way to help students from

less well-off backgrounds meet the financial challenges of going to university.

With nearly half of Aston's undergraduates coming from families with low incomes, scholarships are an important source of support and can enable these students to fulfil their potential. Right now every gift from our alumni unlocks a matching amount from the Hayward Scholarship Fund, meaning any gift you make will be doubled.

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The Hayward Scholarship Fund

Alumni who make a gift are doing something fantastic to help promising students make the most of their opportunity. Now your support can make even more of a difference.

The Hayward Scholarship Fund has been created by one of Aston’s most successful graduates to help inspire students and other alumni alike. Tony Hayward’s gift of 100 scholarships will act as a matching fund for the duration of our appeal. Each £1 donated to the campaign by alumni and friends of Aston will unlock another £1 from the Hayward Scholarship Fund, meaning that each gift you make is effectively doubled. Because Aston is also eligible to claim Gift Aid this means that if you make a gift of £100 towards the scholarship fund, the final total received will be £250, at no extra cost to you beyond your original donation.

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