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Since 2005 Aston has held telephone fundraising campaigns. Each year a team of students contact alumni by telephone in order to update them on Aston’s future, find out what they are doing with their lives now and, yes, ask them to make gifts to support projects that benefit current students.

People are often unaware that almost all UK universities have “exempt” charity status and that Aston is one such institution. The ability to ask for philanthropic support from alumni and friends is an increasingly important part of Aston’s continuing drive to offer the best student experience to all those with the talent and grades to come here. Support from alumni has provided scholarships for gifted students, improved the Student’s Union facilities, provided extra learning resources and made many more positive changes to student life.

Using the telephone to fundraise for these projects also allows alumni to hear all this directly from students themselves.

This Year’s Projects

Aston Brain Centre – Vital Research

Aston Brain Centre is a world leader in researching and designing treatments for a wide range of neurological conditions. One such piece of research currently being pursued is into a new way to treat cytotoxic oedema, the dangerous swelling caused by water in the brain after traumatic head injuries. Professor Roslyn Bill and her team have identified a drug which can prevent this swelling taking place and alumni funding will allow clinical trials to take place, which could revolutionise the way head injuries are treated.

Languages for All – Improving Student Futures

Languages for All is a key part of our commitment to internationalism in education and industry, and can help equip our students for international (work or study) placements. Currently all students are entitled to a FREE place on this course in their first year, funded by Aston, but once they reach the second year the course becomes fee-based. Thanks to Alumni support, the LFA bursary provides extra funding for those unable to afford the fees to continue expanding their skills.

The Aston Alumni Scholarship Fund

Making a gift towards Scholarships at Aston is an effective way to help students from less well-off backgrounds meet the financial challenges of going to university. With nearly half of Aston's undergraduates coming from families with low incomes, scholarships are an important source of support and can enable these students to fulfil their potential. Right now every gift from our alumni unlocks a matching amount from the Hayward Scholarship Fund, meaning any gift you make will be doubled.

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