Telephone Campaign

Since 2005 Aston has held telephone fundraising campaigns. Each year a team of students contact alumni by telephone in order to update them on Aston’s future, find out what they are doing with their lives now and, yes, ask them to make gifts to support projects that benefit current students.

People are often unaware that almost all UK universities have “exempt” charity status and that Aston is one such institution. The ability to ask for philanthropic support from alumni and friends is an increasingly important part of Aston’s continuing drive to offer the best student experience to all those with the talent and grades to come here. Support from alumni has provided scholarships for gifted students, improved the Student’s Union facilities, provided extra learning resources and made many more positive changes to student life.

Using the telephone to fundraise for these projects allows alumni to hear all this directly from students themselves.

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Most alumni are more than happy to talk to a current student, but some people tell us that telephone fundraising is not for them, so we make sure these individuals are not contacted in future. They may not all be able to make a gift, but knowing what our graduates are up to now or adding new address details so that you can continue to receive  exclusive invitations to Aston events is very important to us too. It’s never just about the money.

If you are unsure about whether we have the correct details for you, you can update them online

The students making the calls also find the experience tremendously rewarding. Hearing recollections first hand and receiving educational and career advice from the students who walked the path before them is extremely beneficial to a current student.

Thank you for talking! 

Have you ever looked back and though “if only I knew then what I know now”? Whilst it is never possible to go back in time yourself, passing down your experiences and advice to current students is surely the next best thing!

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Current campaign

Thank you to all our alumni who have taken the time to participate in our previous telephone campaigns. The next campaign will begin on the 19 February and will last for one month.