Reasons for Donating

We meet some of our alumni who share their stories about motivates them to support Aston.

1972 alumna Sue makes a monthly gift to Aston, allowing us to plan for future scholarships with her continued generous support. Here she shares what motivates her to give back to Aston: 

"I enjoyed my time at university and I would not have had my career without it. I think education is so important. It may mean that these people can achieve what is their dream. You’re building the future. And, you never know, I might be supporting the next whoever, someone who is going to make a real difference in the world."

Sue Dilworth, Regular donor to the Scholarship Fund, Systems Analysis graduate (Class of 1972)

The Oglesby Trust has supported an engineering research project in India. After a field visit to the Punjab region, Dr Oglesby commented:

"This project is a real credit to Aston and the School is doing a first class job – it’s very satisfying as a donor to participate in a project that has enormous potential to help alleviate a major source of global pollution.  Aston is really making a difference with their practical, can-do approach." 

Dr Michael Oglesby, Engineering graduate (Class of 1966), Aston University Honorary Graduate (2007)
Chairman, Bruntwood Ltd

Managerial & Administrative Studies graduate Neil Lawson-May supports 20 students a year on the Languages for All programme, who otherwise wouldn't be able to attend the programme.  

"Aston University are highly supportive of talented young students who might not otherwise get a place at University. I think that’s a very fine thing to do. I think that adds to the sum of human happiness and I think other people should think carefully about that and put their money alongside." 

Neil Lawson-May, Managerial & Administrative Studies graduate (Class of 1982)
Chief Executive, Palatium Investment Management

Andrew has been working at Aston since 2013 and makes a monthly donation to the Aston scholarship fund.  

"You don’t need to work here long to thoroughly buy-in to the values of Aston and what we are hoping to achieve. I support undergraduate scholarships because I see that Aston is THE university that provides opportunity for those who come from a background with limited chances of progression.”

Andrew Harris, Executive Director of Campaigns, Aston University

In 2015 Aston graduate Tony Hayward donated 100 undergraduate scholarships. He spoke why is was motivated to donate to Aston University:

“I was the first person in the family to go to university. Aston was a life-changing experience. It created clarity in my own mind about what I wanted to do. I was introduced to Geology by a teacher at school and at 16/17 years of age, I decided I didn’t want to work in an office - I am still passionate about Geology today. Being able to do something for Aston, which has been great for my own career, is an honour. 

“Aston is a great enabler of social mobility," he says. "I think you find a lot of kids who went to Aston were from state schools, not from private schools. It’s got a great track record of people becoming very employable on leaving. Aston gave me the opportunity to pursue firstly an academic, then a business, career that was very different to what I would have done. It was transforming in terms of the doors that it opened for me subsequently." 

Dr Tony Hayward, Geological Sciences graduate (Class of 1978), Aston University Honorary Graduate (2008)
CEO, Genel Energy


Sue Dilworth, Regular donor to the Scholarship Fund, Systems Analysis graduate (Class of 1972)

If you have any questions about making a gift to Aston University please contact Geoff Savage in the Development Team at or call him on +44 (0)121 204 4199.   

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