Alumni of the Year Impact Awards 2019

Aston's alumni are people who make a difference: in our region or around the globe, for our beneficiaries and for the wider world. They mentor students, start businesses, develop life-saving treatments, change the face of industry, teach, volunteer and give back. Each year, we will recognise this remarkable community through the Alumni of the Year Impact Awards.

Founded in 1895 to meet the needs of the city and the wider world, Aston is still driven today to benefit students and young people, business and other organisations, the region and society. Our Alumni of the Year will have made a positive impact on one or more of these areas, and will be great ambassadors for Aston.

Awards Criteria

The Alumni of the Year Impact Award winners will not necessarily be the most senior and influential of our alumni and we welcome nominations for recent graduates. To be eligible for consideration, nominees should have made a difference, big or small, in one or more of the following areas:

  • On students or young people
  • On business and other organisations
  • For the West Midlands region or on wider society
  • Has been an excellent advocate and ambassador for Aston
  • Name
  • Has made an impact on students or young people? Has made an impact on business and other organisations? Has made an impact on the West Midlands region or on wider society? Is an excellent advocate and ambassador for Aston?
  • Your name
  • Terms and Conditions
    Nominations for the 2019 Award will close on 11th January. We encourage nominations for recent graduates as well as those who are more established in their career. The University's Awards Panel decides who will receive the Award, and the Award is usually presented at the Degree Congregations. The Award would not usually be made where the nominee has already been awarded Alumnus of the Year, or has received an Honorary Degree from the University. Anyone may nominate an alumnus for the Award, although please note self-nominations are not accepted and we cannot accept posthumous nominations for the Award. We may share details of your nomination with your nominee, in publications and other communications, and any award speech. We will advise all those who made a nomination of the decision after the University's Awards Panel has met in January 2019.
  • Thank you for making a nomination for Aston's Alumni of the Year.