Alumni event in Athens, Greece

The event was held on April 15th 2016 at The Divani Caravel Hotel in Athens, Greece, hosted by Wendy Tabrizi and Jane Dunn from Aston University and Evangelos Papadodimas, The Athens Chapter President.

It was a wonderful evening with engaging debate, interesting exchanges of ideas and memories of times at Aston. The alumni spanned over 30 years of Aston history and all were keen to hear about changes and developments at their Alma Mater.

Wendy and Jane gave short presentations to update the audience on Aston’s achievements in the intervening years since their graduations. Both enjoyed hearing about graduates' successes and stories, some serious and some very amusing. The evening also bought together two ex-students that had not seen each other since they left Aston 30 years ago!

A number of the attendees were related, and in a number of cases, more than one generation were Aston graduates. In the case of two brothers present at the event, their father is an Aston alumnus and both sons attended Aston, one doing a postgraduate programme while his little brother was an undergraduate.

The evening finished with many requests for future events and many good wishes to be returned to various University staff members.

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