Geneva Reunion: June 4th 2016

Report by Marcel Wiedmer

Geneva railways station was very crowded that morning. The Checkpoint in front of the ticket office was just right to find each other. Luckily, I knew Christina. We both went to Aston Business School in 2008.

After a walk downhill through a pedestrian zone we crossed the river. In the middle lies the island of Rousseaux. We entered the old town, with restaurants and nice stores alongside the main street. Just behind this lively street, we climbed a hill and entered the hidden alleys of Geneva. With help from Clare’s mobile GPS, it was not far to the restaurant. The Restaurant Hôtel-de-Ville is very authentic, in the French style, and the menu covers a wide range of traditional plates. We enjoyed our lunch very much, with good talks and memories from our times at Aston.

Geneva Alumni Reunion June 2016

The Maison Tavel is just around the corner and (Tavel House) is the oldest private residence in Geneva. This remarkable example of Swiss civil architecture bears the name of the family who owned it from the late 13th to the early 16th century.  The tour of the house begins in the third-floor attic with the large relief map of Geneva in 1850. It  continues down the outside stairs to the lower floors, where there is a recreation of an 18th/19th-century bourgeois interior. Many other impressions can be discovered in the basement and cellar.

After this visit we enjoyed the walk back through the old town to the train station.

Coming up

The next event will be in the German Part of Switzerland. On October 8th 2016  we visit Berne, the capital city of Switzerland. On June 17th 2017 we plan another alumni reunion in the French part of Switzerland. For details of both events, please drop me a line on email >>

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