Optometry Scholarship Awarded

21 March 2016

The 2016 Bernard Gilmartin Scholarship for Optometry was awarded to Aston student Parminder Randhawa on Thursday 17 March. The scholarship, which began in 2014, provides financial assistance for outstanding students to attend international conferences to present their research.

On receiving the award postgraduate student Parminder said: 

“I was honoured to receive the Bernard Gilmartin Optometry Scholarship which will go towards funding my attendance at the Association of Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) Conference.  I am excited to attend the international conference in Seattle, where I will give a paper presentation and discuss the novel findings of my research.”

Parminder was awarded the scholarship for her study on 'Is the fovea the apposite location for investigating the effect of accommodation on posterior eye conformation?' She presented her findings to an audience at Aston University before she was awarded the prize by Professor Gilmartin.

The Bernard Gilmartin Optometry Scholarship was established to recognise the outstanding contribution Professor Gilmartin has made to Aston University, and the optometry profession as a whole. The Scholarship provides financial assistance to undergraduate, postgraduate, or post-doctoral scholars at Aston University enabling them to present papers and/ or posters of their research at international conferences. 

As Director of Ophthalmic Research Group, Dr Leon Davies, explains, gifts from generous philanthropic donors to support academic endeavour are becoming an increasingly important and valuable part of the academy: “Established in 2014, the award is competitive and, therefore, is a prestigious addition to the successful scholar’s CV”.

The Scholarship has been funded by charitable donations from alumni, staff and friends of Bernard and is awarded annually.  Previous recipients were PhD students Sandeep Kaur Dhallu in 2014 and Naomi Richa Saigal in 2015.

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