‘Golders Lovlies’ reunite after 18 years

Golders Lovlies - dessert

At the beginning of October a group of Aston Alumni, who graduated in Systems Analysis in 1974, held their first reunion since 1999. With computing still in its infancy at that time, there were only 15 people on the course. Named for their statistics lecturer, Paul Golder, the group was nicknamed Golders Lovlies.

Thanks to social media, and the long-term relationships of some of the course mates, everyone was reached and invited, with 13 Lovelies and their partners making it to the reunion. With so many changes at Aston over the years, the reunion was based around the campus and involved a pub lunch at The Gosta Green (formerly The Pot of Beer); a campus tour organised by the Alumni Office; and then dinner at Conference Aston.

The campus tour emphasised just how much Aston has changed and progressed over the last 43 years. Most people stayed overnight at Conference Aston but two Lovlies came to the reunion aboard narrowboats, moored up in Brindleyplace, offering their course-mates cruises along the city canals on Sunday morning. The reunion weekend went incredibly well, though everyone agreed it won't be another 18 years until the next one. 

The attendees were (in no particular order) Stephen Banks, Ian Beaty, Peter Cumberlidge, Peter Sarjeant, Ian Fordham, Bob Corbett, Max Dobres, Jane Pugh, Pat O'Grady, Geoff Smith, Arthur Renshaw, Brian Sansom and Peter Bissell. Those who didn't attend were Gordon Rodman and Greg Serna.