Keeping your career fresh

Top tips from our Aston Business School careers consultant on keeping your career fresh  - by Iwan Griffiths 

Maintain your employability – look for new projects and development opportunities within your employer organisation and outside it

Keep reviewing your CV and LinkedIn profile. Make sure they are up-to-date, showing recent awards and achievements. You may need to send your CV out at short notice, so make sure it’s ‘ready to go’

Refresh your network. Not just through LinkedIn and social media, but by attending relevant conferences, networking events and training. Don’t just gather information and contacts but share your own

Seek out mentors through formal employer programmes, or informal arrangements with people you trust. When you are ready, look for opportunities to become a mentor yourself

Keep in touch with Aston. Your careers support continues - use it if you need it. Email MSc Business Careers Consultant Iwan Griffiths on with an update on what you are doing, and if you need ongoing careers support.