On the 29th of October, alumni entrepreneurs, Gian Power and Dilan Sharma came back to Aston Business School to share their experiences of starting a business with Postgraduate students. The event, organised by Aston Business School Alumni Relations Team, was hosted by Kathy Daniels, Associate Dean Learning and Teaching (PG Programmes). 

The Aston Business School Alumni Relations Team invites graduates back to encourage them to be involved with the university but also to use their knowledge and expertise to benefit current students. As Kathy Daniels put “Learning from past students is a very important part of the education for our students. It is inspiring to know that former students have achieved great things”.

image2Gian Power studied his BSc in International Business and German at Aston Business School and graduated in 2014.

After university, he joined the graduate scheme at PwC in 2014, working with companies that were struggling or failing. After suffering a personal tragedy, Gian created TLC Lions in 2017. This is a pride of inspiring speakers who share their own experiences with employees and land a call to action with their talks. Gian also founded Unwind London which offers a mediation experience for professionals so they can rest and reflect.

During the talk Gian engaged with the audience about his motivation and dedication to make a positive impact after the struggles he faced. He highlighted that before you start your career or business, it is crucial to look after yourself first to make sure the new venture will be a success.

After the event Gian mentioned how he “Loved being back at Aston Business School”. He also said it “felt great being back four years on and speaking to post-graduate students who had such an entrepreneurial mindset”.

The other alumnus, Dilan Sharma, studied Law at Aston Business School and graduated in 2017.

image3Dilan started his business whilst at university. Initially he bought stock items of clothing and personalised to his own brand. During his early start-up phase, Dilan explained he took a very experimental approach and he did everything in house including the packaging and labelling. From a very inexperienced beginning to working with celebrities like Lewis Hamilton and Odell Beckham Junior Dilan has driven his small start-up business to brands that are craved by customers.

During the talk he mentioned the importance of using Instagram and created a following that he closely listened to. Dilan used his network of social media stars to promote his brands. He stressed that his social strategy can be replicated by current students.

Kathy Daniels found it exciting to see how far “Gian and Dilan have come in quite a short period of time, and hopefully some of our existing students will be coming back in a few years’ time to share their stories of success”.

The event was organised by the Aston Business School Alumni Team and is part of the ‘Be Inspired’ speaker series, which invites aspirational alumni to share their career journey and experiences with current students.