Aston gives crowdfunding a GO!

18 January 2018

Over recent months Aston University’s Development and Alumni Relations team have been working on setting up GO!; the university’s very own philanthropic crowdfunding platform. Aston believes GO! will empower students and members of the university to develop skills in leadership and fundraising.  

GO! provides an innovative way of fundraising for projects which benefit students, the university or the wider community. The essence of crowdfunding is to create a philanthropic culture whereby everyone can be involved and make a difference. Leaders can share their projects through social media and wider public channels, creating their own supporter network. Family, friends, alumni and others are able to donate or spread the word; each individual involved becomes an integral part of elevating interests, embracing values and transforming lives.

“The new platform allows students to broaden their range of experiences at university and make things happen themselves, rather than waiting on committees and application processes. Aston has always encouraged entrepreneurial spirit and this type of digital activity is a fantastic way for them to generate support for their own projects and ideas.” - Geoff Savage, Head of Individual Giving

Getting funding via GO! is simple. Individuals/groups can submit their project proposals through the platform and if suitable they go live to the public for 6-8 weeks. During this period the success of a project depends on how much time and effort each Project Leader invests in keeping people updated and excited. Promoting their project before and during the 6-8 weeks via different channels is extremely important in order to engage with people and generate interest. Training and guidance is provided. However it is the passion for the project which ultimately leads to funding and victory. 

The method of giving is easy and convenient, and the cost-free rewards scheme makes the donor giving experience more enjoyable. The bigger the donation the more exclusive, exciting and unique the reward. Crowdfunding works on an all or nothing basis meaning no gifts are processed unless the project reaches its minimum target, making project leaders even more determined. 

The first GO! fundraising projects will launch on 26th February 2018, and can be viewed at

If you wish to find out more please contact Mariya Kauser on

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