Aston gives crowdfunding a GO!

27 March 2018

GO! gives Aston students the power to crowdfund their brilliant ideas. Currently two student societies, The Ravens and Cobras Rugby Club are looking for support, as well as a 2nd year student who is setting up a new business venture, Mechanlink. 

Crowdfunding enables students to launch exciting projects which make a difference to their student experience, the university itself or the wider community. Crowdfunding is about engaging with networks of people who share similar interests and collectively making things happen. 

The Aston Ravens cheerleading club was voted Club of the Year 2016-2017 and has successfully reached level two in this year’s national competitions.  They are looking to receive funding for two training mats; the Ravens believe the larger practice area would give them a greater advantage at competitions and would allow them to perform and practise more advanced stunts safely.

“Crowdfunding is a new and interesting way for us to raise money for things far beyond our budget, in this case new training mats. We currently have 3 mats however with an ever growing club the two additional mats will mean we are able to train more safely on campus, minimise membership costs and increase club interest. The project also allows us to work towards the goal of 9 mats which is the size of a competition floor.” - Kelly Vanstone, President of the Aston Ravens Cheerleading Club 

Find out more about Mission Mats

Faruk Ojikutu is a second-year Accounting for Management student who participated in the BSEEN programme to start his business venture, Mechanlink. Mechanlink is a mobile app which connects vehicle owners with experienced mechanics in their local area. Faruk will be working on Mechanlink for his placement year and is looking for funding to cover marketing and maintenance costs. 

"Mechanlink has always been about breaking barriers and opening doors and although it would be nice to gain traction and turn cash positive, it has never been about the money. I have been working on this over a year and a half with no monetary gain. Receiving your sponsorship will contribute towards creating a product which is ground-breaking and here to stay. Mechanlink is something you look at 10 years from now and be proud to have been a part."  – Faruk Ojikutu, 2nd year Accounting for Management student

Find out more about Mechanlink

The Cobras’ Rugby Club are looking to raise money to pay for a camera and other recording equipment. The equipment will be used to record matches and training sessions. The team want to be able to analysis their performance and as a result improve their game. A secondary use for the video facilities would be to film promotional footage for rugby, including events such as varsity, charity and others that they host. 

Find out more about Aston Cobras

Aston University is passionate about enhancing the student experience and we hope GO! will revolutionise the way student projects are supported. 

The philanthropic platform is generating great interest with many individuals looking to champion their ideas and make a positive change. Existing campaigns have got off to a terrific start in their first few weeks and although there is a long way to go, your support could make all the difference. Please visit find out more and to donate.

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