What does it mean to receive a scholarship?

What does it mean to receive a scholarship   

9 July 2018

In the last 12 months, with your help, Aston has awarded more scholarships to students than ever before. This has only been made possible because the continuing generous support of Aston’s alumni and friends. 

But, what does it mean to receive an Aston scholarship? For many, it provides time and space to concentrate on their studies without financial worry. 

"Coming to university and having the financial assistance through the scholarship has helped ease my financial concerns and increased my confidence.” Driss, scholarship recipient, International and Business Studies, final year student

For others, it opens up opportunities to them that would not otherwise be possible. 

“Without this scholarship I wouldn’t have been able to accept my placement, as it was unpaid. My placement year not only allowed me to expand my skillset and gain a valuable insight into the world of work, but it also gave me the opportunity to connect with so many new people and decide my career path.”Emma-Louise Barker, scholarship recipient, Business and Management final year student.

In the last year alone, the University has awarded 850 scholarships. This has only been possible with the support of alumni and friends. 1972 alumna Sue makes a monthly gift to Aston, allowing us to plan for future scholarships with her continued generous support. Here she shares what motivates her to give back to Aston: 

"I enjoyed my time at university and I would not have had my career without it. I think education is so important. It may mean that these people can achieve what is their dream. You’re building the future. And, you never know, I might be supporting the next whoever, someone who is going to make a real difference in the world." Sue Dilworth, Regular donor to the Scholarship Fund, Systems Analysis graduate (Class of 1972)

Aston scholarships 

A scholarship from Aston is between £500 and £5,000 and are typically paid in annual installments during their time at Aston. Scholarships are awarded on a range of criteria from high grades, supporting women studying STEM subjects, taking a placement year, to low income backgrounds. 

Hayward Scholarship Fund

Alumni who make a gift are doing something fantastic to help promising students make the most of their opportunity. Now your support can make even more of a difference.

The Hayward Scholarship Fund has been created by one of Aston’s most successful graduates. For every £1 donated by alumni and friends to Aston towards scholarships will unlock another £1 from the Hayward Scholarship Fund, meaning that each gift you make is effectively doubled. Because Aston is also eligible to claim Gift Aid this means that if you make a gift of £100 towards the scholarship fund, the final total received will be £250, at no extra cost to you beyond your original donation.

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