Why everyone gains from mentoring

Why everyone gains from mentoring

11 July 2018

Access to mentoring support is offered to students during their time at Aston which enriches their experience and guides them in their decisions.  This is only possible due to the generosity of alumni and friends who give their time freely to advise and support them. In return, mentors are often surprised that the benefits don’t just flow in one direction and they also learn and gain during the process. 

Mentors and mentees came together at an awards ceremony in May, which was held to celebrate the success of the mentoring schemes and to recognise those who excelled in their roles. During the evening 2nd year student Ohemaa Konadu-Peprah who is studying Accounting for Management delivered a very moving speech about how her mentor Chris Lewis (Metals and Materials Technology, 1981) gave her the confidence to succeed. Ohemaa explained:

“Mentoring has been an amazing experience and a journey I will cherish forever. I have learnt the importance of believing in myself, holding onto my dreams and self-discipline. My mentor Chris made me realise there is potential and confidence in me, I just need to tap into it. Words cannot express my gratitude to him.”

Her mentor Chris (Metals and Materials Technology, 1981), who won Mentor of the Year 2018 that evening, has been mentoring at Aston for two years and encourages others to follow in his footsteps:

“Aston gave me a great platform into what I subsequently achieved in life, and what I continue to achieve. To all the alumni out there, I would say give a little bit back, the rewards are fantastic 

Graduate and mentor Scott Wallman (Managerial and Administrative Studies, 1997) agrees:

“It’s my third year in the mentoring scheme, and each year it has been wonderful.  It is very exciting to be around people at this stage of their career, there is so much opportunity, so much enthusiasm, and I try and guide them and use what I’ve learnt to help them. I’ve learnt so much about myself and I’ve really fed off the enthusiasm of these young people, which has really helped me in my own career.” 

Students are fortunate to receive support throughout their entire Aston journey, with guidance on the transition to university to academic achievement and progression.  Advice and support is also provided to help students find a suitable placement, how to make the most of their industrial year as well as making the workplace transition easier upon graduation. 

If you would share your knowledge and expertise and support Aston students through the mentoring scheme, please contact Sara Rai Rattu at professionalmentor@aston.ac.uk

Mentor Chris Lewis (Metals and Materials Technology, 1981) and mentee Ohemaa Konadu-Peprah (studying Accounting for Management) discuss their mentoring roles, why mentees shouldn’t worry about embarking on the process and why Chris is giving back to the University. 

Mentor Scott Wallman (Managerial and Administrative Studies, 1997) and mentee Student Dilkaran Sidhu (studying Economics and Management) share their experiences:

Watch Ohemaa Konadu-Peprah full speech about the impact mentoring has had on her at: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uf0J7izfUu2L-jyTQZp85mnzqJ_-Vt3j/view