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Alumni mentoring

You already know that Aston is an innovative and inspiring place to learn, and an institution of innovation and leadership which provides its students with a high quality education and skills to excel in industry and commerce. Can you help us continue this tradition by supporting those who have followed you?

To provide the best service, we run three mentoring schemes: 

  1. The Graduate Mentoring Scheme is open to mentors who graduated less than three years ago
  2. The Professional Mentoring Scheme is for mentors who graduated more than three years ago
  3. The MBA Mentoring Programme is for Aston Alumni in senior and influential roles

The Graduate Mentoring Scheme 

The Graduate Mentoring Scheme is an opportunity to volunteer your time and expertise to support and encourage final-year students as they make their first transition from Aston into the workplace.

Our recent graduates are the perfect inspiration to our current final-year students who are preparing for their careers. They value the opportunity to share this experience with an Aston graduate. If you graduated within the past three years, can you give practical tips and open up the world of networking to final year students?

If you would like more information, please visit our Mentoring at Aston page or send us an email

Professional Mentoring Scheme

The Aston University Professional Mentoring Scheme involves business professionals working on a one-to-one basis with a second-year Aston University student to help them to prepare for their placement year.

Mentors help students to develop their knowledge and professional skills, which ensures that students begin their placement year with a solid foundation of business knowledge.

 If you have one hour free a month, are based in the UK and have an interest in helping to nurture new talent, you could mentor an Aston University student to develop their professional skills, whilst also developing your coaching and mentoring skills. To find out more  send us an email.

This scheme is for those who graduated more than three years ago. If you would like more information, please visit our Mentoring at Aston page

To register as a professional mentor, please complete our online form

The MBA Mentoring programme pairs Aston alumni in senior management positions with full-time and executive MBA students.

The programme is there to provide students with impartial, external support to help them develop their careers and maximise their time on the MBA. Mentors will provide industry insights at senior managerial level and provide students with opportunities to expand their professional network. Mentors will also provide advice and guidance to complement the taught elements of the Aston MBA and help students to navigate through the range of career options available to them.

 To find out more please send us an email.