Amara Ajaegbu

Research Student 

Amara Ajaegbu1. Why did you choose to study a PhD?

"Coming from a family of academics, my quest to achieve higher and contribute to knowledge has always been a driving force and my motivation to pursue a PhD. I am motivated by the opportunity a PhD degree offers, including the ability to contribute to academic debate, innovative learning and research and policy making. Admittedly, my life-long goal is to become an academic and add to knowledge, this propelled my decision to do a PhD as that would be invaluable in achieving my career goal."

2. What is the area of your research?

"My research looks at the role and impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) and focusses on digitalisation in the provision of advanced services and how that supports value co-creation in servitization. It aims to explore opportunities to advance our knowledge of servitization thus improving customer satisfaction by effectively co-creating value from digitalisation."

3. Why did you choose Aston Business School?

"I was particularly keen to study at Aston Business School because of the University’s research interest in servitization and its reputation for excellence in this research field. Furthermore, having had the opportunity to complete an MSc degree at Aston Business School, the decision to pursue my PhD at Aston came very easy. I chose Aston Business School because of its international reputation for innovative education, leading edge practical research and its high ranking recognition by the Research Excellence Framework. When it comes to quality education and supervision, I had no doubt that Aston University Business School was the right one for me. It provides the right academic climate and a unique mix of educational, business collaborations and social advantages."