Students' Union President for the 2019-20 Academic Year

Danielle graduated from Aston with a BSc International Business & Economics in 2019.

Danielle Gallagher

During her time at Aston Danielle was elected as Marketing Officer of Aston Students’ Union, through a cross campus election. A voluntary and unpaid position her duties included:  

• Utilising the Union’s media channels to communicate with all Aston Students about upcoming events and activities.
• Conducting market research to help with informed decision-making.
• I chair meetings and organise my marketing committee, a team of 12 people who help assist me with my responsibilities. 
• Running various focus groups for more informed market research.

Danielle’s Placement Year was spent at Intel Corporation, Swindon, as a UK Corporate Sales Support Analyst.  In this role Danielle organised and supervised trade shows and events and trained customers on product knowledge.

Her 13 months at Intel provided Danielle with experience of various departments such as Finance, Marketing, Sales, Operations, Taxation, Engineering and Product Design. 

In her Final Year Danielle was Chair of Aston Students’ Union.