Exceptional Circumstances and Leave of Absence

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The ABS Programme Office prepares information for the Exceptional Circumstances and Absence Panel (ECAP). The purpose of the ECAP is to allow a student to inform the University of circumstances beyond their control which have affected their performance or attendance at an exam, or which have affected their performance in or submission of coursework.     

Please refer to the University Exceptional Circumstances webpage for further information.

The following documentation / information can be found on the  University Exceptional Circumstances webpage:

  • Exceptional Circumstances Claim Form
  • Exceptional Circumstances Guidance for Staff / Students
  • Relevant deadlines for submission of EC claims and evidence

  You must ensure that you:

  • Fully complete the Exceptional Circumstances Claim Form
  • Adhere to the correct deadline on the University Exceptional Circumstances webpage. Claims made after the deadline may not be considered.
  • Read and understand the Exceptional Circumstances Guide for Staff / Students on the University Exceptional Circumstances webpage, as amongst other things, this gives guidance on the types of claims which may or may not meet University Regulations.

We advise that claim forms are submitted with evidence as soon as feasible and certainly prior to the relevant deadline. Do not rush completion of your claim form and submission of evidence; it is far better to take the time to fully complete your form and compile your comprehensive evidence, rather than rushing the form and submitting no, little, or poor evidence.

Fully completed forms and evidence can be submitted by email to abs_assessment@aston.ac.uk.

All claims for ECs are considered on a case-by-case basis. Strong supporting evidence is critical in any claim. Evidence should relate to the time of the assessment(s) being claimed for.

Below is a list of common reasons why students submit EC claims, as well as possible evidence which may be used to substantiate a claim. Please note: information in this section is for guidance only. It in no way provides an exhaustive list of ECs and / or evidence which can be provided for claims. It should not be inferred that if you have an Exceptional Circumstance listed below, your claim would meet University Regulations. 

    Exceptional Circumstances

    Supporting Evidence

  • Death of a close family member, thus affecting performance. 
  • Copy of death certificate; Letter from counsellor. 
  • Medical condition, leading to sickness and diarrhoea, thus affecting performance.  
  • Hospital letter; Doctors medical certificate stating symptoms, illness and the period these medical effects lasted from and to.                    
  • Victim of crime, thus affecting performance                                                                                  
  • Crime reference number and letter from Police; Doctors letter; Letter from counsellor 

Please note that claims such as oversleeping (leading to missing examinations) and medical conditions without supporting evidence, will not meet University Regulations.  

Please remember:

  • Claim forms should be emailed to abs_assessment@aston.ac.uk with evidence attached. Please only send the claim form separately if waiting for the evidence would make you miss the deadline.
  • If the evidence is in a language other than English, you must also provide a stamped and verified translation.
  • Any Doctor's Notes / Certificates / Letters must be from an NHS Practitioner or equivalent.

Leave of Absence (Suspension of Studies) requests should be made via the appropriate link on your Aston MAP Home Page. If requesting a Leave of Absence, please ensure that you read all instructions on MAP and complete all sections comprehensively.

Further information and FAQs regarding Leave of Absence (Suspension of Studies) can be found on The Hub webpage.