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Below are the contact details for the ABS Programme Office (including the Student Support and Exams & Assessment teams, and Personal Advisors), as well as information on how to contact academic staff in the Business School.

The Student Reception is located on the sixth floor of the Main Building (East Wing). Here you can speak with the Student Support and Exams & Assessment teams, or make an appointment with a Personal Advisor

The Student Support team are responsible for the administration of your programme. This includes ensuring your timetable is up to date, organising references and transcripts, and answering any questions you have about your programme. 

The Exams and Assessment team are responsible for everything related to the assessment of your programme, including submission and return of coursework, exams, and Exceptional Circumstances.

Contact the ABS Programme Office

Student Support:

Exams & Assessment:

Telephone:  +44 (0)121 204 5454

Room: 6th Floor, Main Building (East Wing)

Please remember to use your 9 digit student number in all correspondence.

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Monday - Friday: 

Term Time: 9.00am - 4:30pm

Vacation:  11:00am - 1.00pm

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The form below can be used to contact the Student Support and Exams & Assessment teams with any questions you have. You can also use this form to send us any feedback you have about the handbook, or to let us know if you find broken links or you feel any information is missing.

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How to contact academic staff members

From time to time you may wish to seek advice or support from a member of the teaching faculty. This could be your Personal Tutor, your Programme Director or your Module Leader. Most teaching staff have set times each week for students to book an appointment, known as "office hours". 

If you wish to book an appointment in office hours you need to search for the member of staff by name in WASS (Web Appointment Scheduling System). If the member of staff does not use WASS then you can email them. All staff email addresses can be found via the staff lists below.

BSc Single Honours

Accounting for Management

Business & Management 

Business Computing & IT

Economics & Management


Human Resource Management

International Business & Economics 

International Business & Management 


Programme Director

Sara Saynor & Geoff Heron

David Carrington & Igor Pyrko

Soumyadeb Chowdhury

Jon Guest

Geetha Ravishankar

Sudeshna Bhattacharya

Oleksandr Shepotylo

Matthew Hall

Rajinder Dool


LLB Honours


Law with Management

Programme Director

Lauren Traczykowski

Lauren Traczykowski

BSc Joint Honours

International Business & Modern Languages

Business Management & English

Business & International Relations

Business & Politics 

Business & Sociology

Business, Management & Public Policy 

Politics & Economics

Business & Mathematics

Economics Minor with Maths 

Psychology and Marketing

Psychology & Business

Lead School

ABS                      .









EAS                     .

ABS Programme Director

Celine Benoit, Dr Claudia Gremler & Andrew Greasley

Erika Darics & Pietro Frigenti

Dr Uwe Wunderlich & Dr Bahar Ali Kazmi

Dr Uwe Wunderlich & Dr Bahar Ali Kazmi

Dr Katie Tonkiss & Dr Simon Williams (TP1)

Dr Tom Mills & Julius Stephan (TP2)

Dr Katie Tonkiss & Simon Williams (TP1)

Dr Tom Mills & Julius Stephan (TP2)

Dr Uwe Wunderlich & Chris Zheng Cao

Agelos Delis

Michail Karoglou

Carl Senior & Neil Shepherd

Sarah Carrington & Nishat Babu

Foundation Programmes in Business (Joint)

International Foundation Programme in Business

Foundation Programme in Business

Lead School       .  .

EAS                            .  .  .


Programme Director                         .  .  .

Ms Karen Caine                                             .  .  .

Ms Karen Caine


Business Analytics

Business & Management

Business Economics & Finance

Accounting & Finance



Human Resource Management (Full-Time)

Investment Analysis

LLM International Commercial Law

International Accounting & Finance

Information Systems & Business Analysis

International Business

Business Psychology

Strategic Marketing Management

Strategy & International Business

Work Psychology & Business

Programme Director

Leonidas Anastasakis

Uche Ogwude

Robert Riegler

Umair Riaz

Karim Kirollos

Johan Rewilak

Matthew Carter

Johan Rewilak

Rhonson Salim

Ozlem Arikan

Priscilla Omonedo

Arash Sadeghi

Alison McPherson

Chris Richardson

Clive Kerridge

Alison McPherson


MBA Full Time

Executive MBA Part-Time

Programme Director

Kirit Vaidya & Lloyds Parsons

Jason Evans & Keith Schofield

Further contact details for Aston Business School staff can be found here.