Programme Delivery

From the moment you join the programme, you will be working on your business. You will attend a series of workshops delivered over 6 months. All workshops have a very practical focus; all content, tools and exercises are based on applying what you are learning to your own business straight away.Participants successful in gaining a place on the programme must be able to attend all workshops as listed below.

You will also receive one to one support from an experienced business mentor, who will assist you to apply the learning specifically to your business situation. Your mentor will support you in the development of your growth strategy and work with you on the individual context and issues relevant to your business.


For a full list of the scheduled core workshop dates click here.

  • Begin the process of peer learning within this unique network.
  • Start to define your goals for growth and your vision for the future.
  • Focus on your role as a leader.
  • Look at the strengths and challenges in your business.
  • Review your business model and consider your opportunities for growth.
  • Review your position in the marketplace.
  • Look at how you can create a culture of innovation in your business.
  • Get to grips with the financial information you need in order to make strategic decisions.
  • Look in detail at profit and loss, balance sheet and financial ratios.
  • Begin to build a cash flow forecast, and decide on the metrics you will use to measure growth.
  • Develop a process for entrepreneurial success
  • You’ll be introduced to situational leadership
  • Re-think your personal brand 
  • Explore self-leadership
  • Consider your brand and how your business builds relationships with customers.
  • Start to define your customer value proposition.
  • Look at how you segment and target customers.
  • Review your strategy for developing the product/service mix as your business grows.
  • Reflect on your own leadership style and look at how you can develop your management skills.
  • Think about how you can embed the culture of the business as it grows.
  • Analyse the roles and people resources that will be needed in your business as it grows.
  • Investigate ways to improve your company’s staffing and management structure.
  • Look at relevant aspects of employment law for the small business.
  • Identify constraints and bottlenecks in your business and learn how to rework operational procedures in order to address barriers to growth.
  • Use process mapping tools to analyse and improve processes within the business
  • Look at funding gaps in your business.
  • Discuss the uses and sources of debt, equity and alternative finance for small businesses.
  • Hear from entrepreneurs with experience of raising external finance.
  • Present your growth strategy for your business and define the milestones and actions required for you and your team to start implementing the strategy straight away.

In addition to the workshops listed above a small number of shorter workshops will be delivered across the duration of the programme. These workshops will provide additional value to the programme and some will be bespoke according to the cohort needs. 


Please contact the team for further information:

0121 204 3225