Meet the team

Joanna Axinte 001
Joanne Axinte

Programme Manager, Productivity through People

Kate Angel 002
Kate Angel

Programme Manager, Aston Programme for Small Business Growth

Wray Bennett 001
Wray Bennett

Relationship Manager, Mentoring for Growth

Faye Oliver 001
Faye Oliver

Project Coordinator, Aston Programme for Small Business Growth

Ibrahim Abbas 002
Ibrahim Abbas

Business Engagement Manager, Leading to Grow

Kamila Rafiqi 002
Kamila Rafiqi

Centre Co-ordinator

Christian Byron 001
Christian Byron

Programme Engagement Manager

Karolina Jagodzinska 001
Karolina Jagodzinska

Programme Co-ordinator

Carolyn Keenan 002
Carolyn Keenan

Project Manager, BSEEN, Innovation Birmingham Campus

Kath Preston 001
Kath Rice

Enterprise Consultant, BSEEN, Innovation Birmingham Campus

Zhenya Parnell

Project Coordinator, BSEEN, Innovation Birmingham Campus