Information for mentors

For information please contact Sara Rai Rattu via or 0121 204 3226. 


Would you like to share your experience with students and assist them in achieving their goals?

professional mentoring

The Professional Mentoring Scheme pairs business professionals   with undergraduate students, to help students gain insights into professional life and to assist them in making their career choices. It also aims to support business professionals in their own development and to provide a platform in developing their networks. 

What does being a mentor involve? 

As a mentor you will apply your knowledge, experience and skills to develop the personal and professional growth of a student mentee. 

What is the commitment of a mentor?

You will interact with your mentee at least one hour per month, via channels that best suit both and your mentee over the academic year. As part of the scheme, you will receive full training and ongoing support from our experienced staff.

Professional mentoring

Benefits for you

  • Broaden your professional network and relationships
  • The satisfaction of helping others to develop
  • Develop your interpersonal and mentoring skills
  • Receive invites to exclusive industry events on campus
  • Opportunities to reflect on your own practices

Benefits for your organisation

  • Training and development opportunities for your employees
  • Spot future talent for your organisation
  • Raise your business’ profile on Aston University's campus and at our events
  • Promote Corporate Social Responsibility activities within your organisation.

Could you become a mentor?

Yes, if you have three years, or more, of work experience (preferably in your current field) and have an interest in supporting students.
If you have any questions, or would like more information about becoming a mentor  (including how to apply), please contact  Sara Rai Rattu at

Sue Chamberlain - Marks & Spencer Plc

“I was delighted to see my mentee grow in confidence and maturity in such a small space of time. That in itself was reward enough but then he secured a placement in his chosen career which was really the ‘icing on the cake’.

I would recommend anyone who has an interest in the future of our young people and our economy to join the Professional Mentor Scheme, you won’t regret it.”


Chris Taylor - Jasper Corporate Finance

"The key point I have tried to get across to my mentees has been that the placement year will not dictate how their career will begin when they graduate, but that it will provide them with invaluable real life experience and understanding of how a business operates, which will be a significant personal selling point when interviewing for any company upon graduation.  

I cannot recommend the Scheme enough to both mentors who get to witness their mentee grow in confidence, and to mentees who can use their mentors as a sounding board and to ask all the questions they don’t feel they can ask of other people."