Language Skills and Export Growth

How to access foreign language capability to grow your international sales

  • Brexit, growth in overseas markets, particulary developing markets means UK companies need to explore how to increase sales internationally.
  • In today's globally and culturally diverse business environment, foreign language capability is one of the most important business skills necessary to build relationships with customers, overseas clients, buyers and suppliers.
  • Essentially communication and language is a prerequisite of any kind of trade to help improve efficiency of interactions.

This FREE half day Workshop will provide a tool kit in order to:

  • Identify a market, how to enter a market and how to standardise or modify your marketing strategy in order to successfully build international sales.
  • Outline the range of linguistic services available in order to execute your plan.
  • Provide insights into current research on language capability required, its significant impact on global firm level, and market outcomes.
  • Benchmark your capability against other firms with significant global growth.
  • Outline the range of support service available to accelerate your international plans.

Includes Free Buffet Lunch and opportunity to network.

So if you've already tried exporting and want to fine tune your skills... or you are thinking of exporting for the first time - please come and join us:

Workshop Locations and Dates:
Location Date  Workshop
Molinuex Stadium
Waterloo Road
Thursday, 5th March 2020  Register Here
The Studio
7 Cannon Street
B2 5EP
Thursday, 26th March 2020 Register Here
12:30 - 1:30pm  Buffet Lunch and Network Opportunity   
1:30pm Workshop Introduction  Dr Geoff Parkes 
1:45pm  Market identification, market entry and International Strategy  Dr Geoff Parkes 
2:30pm Business Growth and Language Capability  Ankita Tibrewal 
3:15pm Break and Networking   
3:45pm How to access linguistic services  COMTEC 
4:30pm International Support Services Available  Chamber of Commerce 
5:15pm Closing Remarks and Depart  

Workshop Presenters

Dr Geoff Parkes is a Senior Lecturer at Aston University and most recently spent 12 months based in Hong Kong as Associate Dean International for Aston Business School. His background is in international marketing, entrepreneurship and financing strategies for small firms.

Ankita Tibrewal has a Masters in Finance and is currently studying a PhD exploring the relationship between language capability and export sales growth in UK Companies.

COMTEC are the UK's leading supplier of translation services.

UK Chambers of Commerce provide extensive service to UK companies seeking to expand international activities.

Please note, all times 12:30 - 5:30pm

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