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At Aston we recognise that your organisation is constantly striving to adapt and flex in a rapidly changing, globalised economy.

That’s why you demand more robust, stronger results, and your high performers need greater opportunities.

We aim to deliver both simultaneously, in a partnership approach that helps you achieve these strategic development goals.

This approach helps to raise executive capability and build team performance to implement corporate strategy and deliver measurable business benefits.

Our customised programmes

One of our account directors will partner with you, giving direct and sustained access to an expert single point of contact and trusted safe pair of hands, providing you with the reassurance of a secure consultancy relationship.

We work closely with you to identify what your executives need to do – and in some cases do differently – to implement your organisation’s strategy. 

Only after thorough reflection on your specific requirements do we then blend new, research-based thinking with relevant, proven tools that meet your executives’ strategic leadership and management development needs.

Programme design

We establish a clear and shared understanding with you of the impact our programmes aim to deliver to your business and your executives.

We adopt an inclusive and transparent approach to design, through focus groups, reports, questionnaires and interviews with key stakeholders, potential participants and their managers.

Programme blueprint

We collaborate with you to build an in-depth understanding of the style of intervention required to maximise our programme’s impact in the agreed timescale, and help us to create the programme blueprint.

We then test this blueprint with programme sponsors, and work to agree the exact scope, schedule, key measurable deliverables and style, refining our appreciation of clients’ expectations from their investment.

Relevant, credible and applicable

We match clients’ subject matter experts with our faculty to ensure content and examples are relevant, credible and applicable.

The design process confirms a shared responsibility for follow-up with cohorts and individual participants to ensure the programme delivers the impact it was commissioned to make.

We deploy our blend of research-based thinking and relevant, proven tools to maximise the impact for your business.

Our approach to delivery includes the following key developmental and administrative aspects:

  • An action learning process that guides practice in small syndicate groups to encourage in-company application. 
  • Tailored programme logistics and follow-up services to agreed client requirements.
  • Real-time customised delivery to participants’ classroom responses, incorporating input from the client’s business units to help develop richer networks.
  • Personal, informal coaching for participants to ensure they get maximum benefits from each session and are confident and committed to apply the learning in their workplace.

Case studies

Our programmes include highly relevant case studies, using real exemplars and events in the public domain and, if needed, specific case studies based on client issues.

This includes:

  • Pragmatic and company-specific attention – often using projects as a teaching focus and as the first point of application for taught tools.
  • Applying learning to participants’ own scenarios to reflect current or recent realities, enabling knowledge to move to know-how, strengthening the pragmatism of development.
  • Treating participants’ confidentiality and accountability to the client as equally important. This means issues raised by participants are summarised in post-session group feedback to clients, without referencing individuals.
  • All our programmes measure return on investment, holding ourselves and participants accountable to deliver the impact and value for which the intervention was commissioned.


Our programmes can be delivered at Conference Aston, a fully-serviced conference centre and 4-star hotel on Aston University’s campus in central Birmingham.

Alternatively, we can deliver programmes at any venue of our clients’ choosing, anywhere in the world. 

We start with your needs and add our networked learning capability to put you and your people at the heart of the development process.

Networked learning aims to connect participants to specialists and information sources, and encourages knowledge sharing that supports collaboration, innovation and higher perfomance.

We deploy a customised blend of learning solutions in our programmes, that support and facilitate reflective and collaborative mindsets.

We aim to improve application of learning, and encourage higher performance and greater business impact.

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Our open programmes

We also deliver open programmes, delivered through case studies and interactive learning, to build specific skills to meet your broader strategic challenges.

Our short open programmes are designed to inspire leaders, build specific skills and enable executives to better deliver corporate strategy.

Our open programmes are held at Conference Aston on Aston University’s campus, but we can also deliver them anywhere in the world for in-company application or programme-specific purposes.

Current open programmes

Accredited programmes

We have a long experience of successfully delivering customised Certificate and Diploma programmes for our clients, several hundred participants having already completed these accredited programmes.

Working in partnership with you we can tailor the content of the programmes to suit the specific needs of your organisation and your people.  

We provide compelling, focused and relevant content to enable participants to complete their studies one year, whilst still providing the fundamental knowledge of business and management required at this level.

The Certificate is typically based around five core modules, each of three days duration. 

Participants who complete the Certificate programme and who successfully submit a work-based project are eligible for the award of a Certificate in Management from Aston University.

A typical Certificate programme would include modules drawn from the following areas, subject to your requirements:

  • Finance for non-financial Managers
  • Strategic Management
  • Project Management
  • People Management
  • Operations and Risk Management
  • Marketing Management.
The Diploma is built from our triple-accredited MBA modules, each delivered over  four days and carrying full academic credit. It comprises four modules, equivalent to one third of the taught content of the Aston MBA.  

The Diploma offers a more academic approach to the topics, and is very much focused on the latest research and the evidence base for decision making. 

The Diploma is assessed by coursework and examination, leading to the award of a Diploma in Management from Aston University.  

Participants who successfully complete the Diploma to the required standard, are able – should they so choose - to transfer onto our MBA programme, with full academic credit carried over, and the programme price discounted to reflect modules already completed.

A typical Diploma programme would include modules drawn from the following areas, subject to your requirements:

  • Accounting for Business
  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Marketing Management
  • Leadership Development
  • Strategic Management
  • Business Law for Consultancy and Construction.
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