Measurable impact CED

At Aston, our approach to impact is unambiguous and practical.

Client impact

We want you to gain maximum value from our programmes.

That’s why we design and deliver our programmes in partnership with you, agreeing the impact metrics that must be achieved with all relevant stakeholders.

And it’s why we offer an assessment of return on investment (ROI) as part of our delivery – showing you the extent of the intended impact that we have achieved.

We identify the actual value gained for the client, such as saved time, improved quality, reduced costs, incremental revenues won, talent retained.

And we do this via the application of specific tools, frameworks and models that each participant learns during a programme.

Participant impact

With the support of senior managers and sponsors, our programme directors strive to ensure that programme participants maintain focus on learning outcomes.

At the start of every programme, participants are encouraged to decide how their learning can be applied to their roles and responsibilities.

They are then accountable for demonstrating the application of learning at key junctions through a programme.

This means that at the end of our programmes, each participant owns a portfolio of learning impact, ready to be validated, celebrated and shared.

Watch participants describe their learning impact [3.5 minute videos]>>


I am very impressed by Aston’s commitment to add value through partnership, which exactly matches our business philosophy.
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