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Are you looking for fresh insight into current challenges in your business? The Inside Aston publication is designed to provide you with new perspectives on major business issues, brought to you by Aston's leading academics.

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How businesses can flourish after BREXIT - Prof. David Bailey
Read up on the three things businesses should focus on after BREXIT

An investment in innovation: How diversity pays dividends - Prof. Richard Crisp

There’s a well-established ethical case for promoting engagement with diversity, but did you know there’s now also a business case? The latest behavioural science is showing us that diversity not only promotes tolerance, but can have much broader benefits too – such as enhancing creativity, innovation and problem-solving skills.

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I’ve got all this lovely intellectual property. What do I do with it?- Claire Howell 
Gain a brief overview of the various intellectual property rights, their significance and what you can do with them.

‘green cross code’ for using social media - Peter Coe
This session will look at some of the pitfalls associated with using social media, and the reasons why people fall into traps that may, on reflection, seem obvious.

Forget satisfaction; it’s inspiration! - Prof. Heiner Evanschitzky
Satisfying customers is no longer sufficient to gain their continued patronage; it has become a hygiene factor. As a consequence, recent research finds rather weak associations between satisfaction and actual (purchase) behavior, questioning investments in satisfaction-related activities.

Social Business Innovation to access untapped growth markets - Prof. Ute Stephan
This session explores how companies can innovate around important societal trends (such as aging, social exclusion, greening, the sharing economy) in ways that link positive social impact with benefits to their bottom line. 

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