We welcome exchange students from partner institutions to join our student body.  We have developed these pages to help support you in your application and preparing for your arrival at Aston.

**Exchange students coming from European Countries are commonly known as Erasmus students as they benefit from funding via the Erasmus+ programme in their Home Country. 

Aston University Academic Year

The academic year at Aston University is divided into two teaching periods rather than terms, each of approximately 11 weeks. 

For  2018/9, the key dates are:     

Teaching Period One

Induction (compulsory)                      17th September - 23rd September 2018
Teaching Period                                 24th September - 15th December 2018
Christmas Holidays                           16th December  - 6th January 2019
Exam Period                                      7th January - 20th January 2019

Teaching Period Two
Induction (compulsory)                      13th January - 20th January 2019
Teaching Period                                 21st January - 29th March 2019
Easter Holidays                                  30th March - 23rd April 2019

Teaching Period Continues                24th April - 5th May 2019

Exam Period                                      6th May - 15th June 2019

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For 2018/9 academic term dates, please click here

Aston Welcome Weeks

A special programme of events is offered to students upon their arrival at Aston University. For students arriving in September (Teaching Period 1), there are 8 days of activities arranged to help students settle into life at Aston, with organised events from both the School and the Students’ Guild. 

For students arriving in January (Teaching Period 2), a programme of events to welcome you to Aston has been developed, which includes subject advice sessions, an introduction to the library, a tour of the campus and Birmingham city centre and plenty of opportunities to meet your fellow exchange students.

Arriving at Aston University

A website dedicated to International students who are coming to Aston for the first time is available here. This site contains very useful pre-arrival information for students coming from outside the United Kingdom and we strongly advise you to visit it. Please note that some information may change and that we recommend that you check the site regularly for updates throughout the year.

There is also additional useful information on the Aston Students' Guild website.