Micaela Coka

1. What made you want to study at Aston University initially?
Micaela Coka- international student profile

I always wanted to visit the UK and since my University has a partnership with Aston I start looking for information about the business program and Birmingham and I really liked it. 

2. What has been your favourite thing about Aston University?Teaching, campus, other students etc
Since day 1 I only have had good experiences. I really like all the professors of my courses, most of them seem really motivated to teach you and are interested that you are really understanding what is going on at each lecture. Moreover, the staff at Aston University has been very helpful in terms of the administrative things that you have to do before and during the exchange. Every time I had a question they would answer me really fast, also when I needed a document (e.g. the signed certificated of arrival) they would send it to me as soon as possible. Overall, every single person I’ve met at Aston University was really friendly. 

3. What have you enjoyed about living in Birmingham? 
I really enjoy living in a bigger city, this has its advantages like having more things to do on your free time. 

4. What do you think have been the main benefits of studying abroad?
I love experiencing new things and getting to know new cultures. Studying abroad in Birmingham not only gives you the opportunity to get a better insight of the British culture, but here you also have the possibility of meeting people from all around the world. 

5. Do you think there is anything that could be improved about Aston University or your Exchange Programme?
The only thing that I think could be improved for the next exchange students is the accommodation’s availability. Sometimes is hard to find a good and safe accommodation in a city you’ve never been to and I believe that some exchange students can feel more comfortable and secure in an accommodation they know is provided by the university. For me it wasn’t a big problem looking for an accommodation, but for some fellow students it was kind of difficult.