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“I have learnt so much from my placement year, not only educational but many valuable life skills that have changed my life forever.  I have learnt how to interact with people from all over the world; the Erasmus programme will truly introduce you to multi-cultural environment.”
Simon Guy Horowitz, International Business & Management (IBAM), Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden

Aston Business School has links with many of the leading European and International Business Schools. A student exchange involves a partner agreement and is reciprocal whereby students do not pay any tuition fees to the host institution and Aston Business School receives students from its partners.

Aston Business School is proud to offer a wide variety of opportunities to study abroad. Experts in the field highlight the benefits of doing an international study placement:

  • “This is a wake-up call for students and parents. You’ll get further in life if you travel overseas to study.”
    Will Archer, Director of i-graduate
  • “We must get the message to our students that they need to take advantage of the various schemes available to study overseas.”
    David Lammy, Higher Education Minister
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Study placements abroad are open to all Aston Business School students.

How will I find a placement?

Through Aston Business Schools' excellent business links   
We have built up relationships with a number of organisations and each year we advertise a wide variety of placements to students on our dedicated placement website. You can search the website by type of job, study placement institution, location or company and each advert is linked to the company website or institution.

It is also possible for students to find a placement through their own research, networks and/or contacts.  All placements have to be approved by the Placement Office.

For information on the type of comprehensive help and support students receive, please visit our Placement Office page

Where will I be located?

Our overseas study placements are based all over the world. Recently students have been placed in Spain, Greece, France, Belgium, Germany, Latin America, China, USA, and the Netherlands.

How is the year assessed/monitored?

  • The year contributes 10% to the final degree result.

  • We assign each student with a placement tutor/essay supervisor.

  • Students taking a study placement will be assessed at the partner institution and the marks gained will be converted into Aston marks.

  • The Placement Office staff are on hand throughout the year and we use a virtual learning environment to keep placement students in touch with each other and the University while they are away.

How to apply?

Visit our placements hub pages for more information on how to apply for an overseas study placement. 

Benefits for the final year of study

Many students have found that studying overseas for a year can greatly enhance their confidence, time management, report writing and communication skills. Consequently, Aston Business School students often do much better in their final year of study and we have a very high level of 2:1 degree results!


It may be possible for students to benefit from a number of grants and/or a placement bursary during their placement abroad. For more information please visit the pages below: