Work placements / Internships

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“My work placement has allowed me to gain valuable international experience as an undergraduate, giving me the optimism to allow this to act as a cutting-edge selling point in a highly competitive graduate employment market.”

Daven Patel, International Business and Management (IBAM), Eurocity, Brussels, Belgium

How will I find a work placement or internship?

Through Aston Business Schools' excellent business links.
We have built up relationships with a number of organisations and each year we advertise a wide variety of placements to students on our dedicated placement website. You can search the website by type of job, location or company and each advert is linked to the company website.

It is also possible for students to find a placement through their own research, networks and/or contacts.  All placements have to be approved by the Placement Office.

For information on the type of comprehensive help and support students receive, please visit our Placement Office page.

What type of work placement / internships do students do?

Placements are available in all areas of business. Here are just a few examples of recent placement jobs:

ABS - placements and internships
  • Marketing Assistant – Amadeus, France and Spain


  • Corporate Communications Officer - E.ON, Germany


  • General Management Placement – General Motors, Germany


  • International Human Resources Assistant - Thales, France


Will I earn a salary?

In most cases, work placements and internships abroad are paid.  However, salaries vary depending on the company and country.

Where will I be located?

Our overseas work placements are based all over the world.  The majority of work placements are based in Europe. However, there are opportunities across the globe.  Recently, students have worked in Spain, Greece, France, Belgium, Germany, China, USA, and the Netherlands.

How is the year assessed/monitored?

  • The year contributes 10% to the final degree result.

  • We assign each student with a placement tutor/essay supervisor.

  • Students taking a work placement have to write an essay and keep a reflective learning journal/logbook of their progress in the company and write a report on their placement experience.

  • The Placement Office staff are on hand throughout the year and we use a virtual learning environment to keep placement students in touch with each other and the University while they are away.

Benefits for the final year of study

Many students have found that studying overseas for a year can greatly enhance their confidence, time management, report writing and communication skills. Consequently, Aston Business School students often do much better in their final year of study and we have a very high level of 2:1 degree results!


It may be possible for Home and EU students to benefit from a placement bursary or ERASMUS grant during their placement abroad.