Aston students adopt an entrepreneurial approach to job hunting


3 October 2016

Two MSc students at Aston Business School are swapping graduate careers fairs for business networks, CVs for business cards and conventional interview techniques for elevator pitches to help them land their ideal job following a work placement with cloud software company Scoutt.

Daniel Wong and Sarune (Shara) Muleviciute joined the tech startup to get ‘employer-ready’ as part of the MSc. personal development module at Aston University. 

Scoutt, which allows small charities to have their own pay-as-you-go cloud database and is supported by business accelerator E-Spark and tech incubator E4F in Birmingham, gave the students a perfect environment to practice their commercial skills.

Manjeet Sidhu, Founding CEO at Scoutt, said: “Daniel and Shara have been a fantastic addition to the team. They totally embraced our vision to help small charities future proof their operations and worked really hard to deliver our online marketing strategy and market research campaign. They also put themselves forward for representing the company at various networking events outside office hours, and I’ve been proud to introduce them to the local business and tech community in the city”.

Manjeet, who recently won an award celebrating entrepreneurial mindsets at E-Spark, also encouraged the students to step out of their comfort zone when thinking about their future careers. 

Manjeet explained: “Startups and Master’s students have lots in common. Both are highly driven and open to new ideas and both have to think of creative and innovative ways to establish themselves in their respective industries. It is truly fantastic to see Daniel and Shara using the business skills they developed at Scoutt to get a head start in the competitive graduate job market”. 

Joe Trodden, Executive Coach at E-Spark, said: “There has been real growth in Daniel and Shara since they joined Scoutt and I saw them developing new skills almost daily. Working with a startup has helped give them exposure to a huge range of experiences making them a great asset to any future employer”.


For further information, please contact Manjeet Sidhu at or  +44 (0) 7533 114 671 .