Business School student turned entrepreneur

Olivia Hinds SoMad Aston Business School

29 November 2016

In today’s business environment, there is an increasing interest among young people to start their own businesses and become entrepreneurs. Whilst many of our business graduates go on to secure jobs at large companies both nationally and internationally, this is not the only career option open to them, as some of our graduates are finding out.

Olivia D. Hinds, who graduated with a degree in International Business and Modern Languages from Aston in 2016, started her own business, SoMad Ltd (So Optimistic and Mad About (your) Destiny), alongside her mother in 2015. Olivia was drawn to starting her own business at a young age, with the lifestyle, flexibility and opportunity to interact with a wide variety of people her key motivations for doing so.

The idea for Olivia’s company began in her first year at Aston, when she started tutoring Maths to GCSE students. From this, Olivia found she could engage with these students and provide support and advice, realising her potential to provide this support on a broader, more business-oriented scale.  

Olivia’s business, SoMad, offers and provides support to young adults with a focus on their personal growth, development and future aims. The company concentrates on encouraging and inspiring young people to discover their potential through a series of school programmes, workshops, coaching and mentoring. As well as SoMad, Olivia has recently launched 
Grammar School to Graduate, which offers a range of programmes to schools across the UK.

Olivia stated: 

“My degree provided me with a strong foundation of theory and knowledge in international business. The course allowed me to continue with my language skills and spend 12 months in Mexico City on my placement year. 
Experiencing life abroad pushed me to explore my potential and build on the skills I had developed over the years.”


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You can hear Olivia’s interview on BBC West Midlands  here.

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