Michael Parker
Associate Director, Gleeds, Global Property & Construction Consultants

    "A doctorate is clearly a big commitment, but the distance learning approach allows me to study alongside my day job and benefit from the support of a world class business school."

Kenneth Lee DBA
Kenneth Lee

When I reflect back on it now I think it was to push the boundaries of my academic knowledge, but with an eye on practice. To some degree it is easy to stagnate in educational terms, especially with a demanding role in work. The DBA provided the opportunity to step back and think.  

I am looking at how professionals in financial markets make decisions and, in particular, how theories from sociology might reveal some insights that have eluded us to date. Nobody is more surprised nor pleased than me that this is the field I have chosen to address! 

Firstly, the Business School has a great reputation and I had heard of it over many years. Beyond that the structure of the programme is excellent in that your assignments in the early years are all aimed at helping candidates formulate ideas that may (or may not) work for their ultimate study. So rather than studying subjects of little relevance to fulfil a ‘standardised’ view of management related research, it allows candidates to focus and experiment in the domain in which they are interested. 

Richard Thomas DBA
Richard Thomas

There was a challenge faced in the work place which appeared, to me, more suited to being resolved using in-house knowledge of the organisation assisted by expertise from academia to draw together a solution informed by both academics and practitioners. 

Central to undertaking a professional doctorate is having a supervisory team who are both interested in your topic, and possess the requisite skills and knowledge to add value. Aston was able to provide both of these essential ingredients.

Hanni Hossni DBA
Hanni Hossni

I have my masters in Quality Management with bachelor in Engineering Management and was keen to undertake management research in my field of expertise – occupational health & safety. I have significant years of experience but have a practical research question, which has driven me to study as a researcher in a well-structured format, like the DBA. I strongly believe that this DBA research would structure my thinking process and help me to excel in my field. This would not only benefit the occupational health & safety fraternity but will help me to distinguish myself from others by obtaining the Doctorate Degree.

To study the effectiveness of Occupational Health & Safety Management System in Construction and Manufacturing sectors in United Arab Emirates.

Aston Business School is one of the leading business schools in United Kingdom that provides the scope for undertaking management research in the operations field. Also, since I am an executive with senior management responsibilities in the Government of Abu Dhabi, I could only undertake research in my country under the supervision of University faculty, which was very comfortably available at Aston Business School. Moreover, before registering for the DBA Programme, my detailed interaction with the faculty, gave me the confidence that I would get the guidance at Aston Business School that I was really looking for. 

Isabella Moore DBA Aston Business School
Isabella Moore 

I was Co-Director of COMTEC, which I originally founded in 1986, sold in 2002 and re-acquired with my daughter, Sophie Howe, in 2007. It is a leading company providing technical translation and multilingual documentation services to exporters in the manufacturing, creative, e-learning and computer software industries.  

My other focus and interest has been the interface between business activity and public policy particularly in relation to language skills and women’s enterprise. From 2002 to 2004 I was first female President of the British Chambers of Commerce and Vice-President of Eurochambres, the association of European Chambers of Commerce, Chairman of the Confederation of West Midlands Chambers of Commerce and from 2004 to 2008 CEO of CILT, the National Centre for Languages. I was awarded a CBE for services to business in 2002. I hold Honorary Doctorates from Sheffield Hallam University and Aston University for services to industry and languages and honorary Fellowships from the Chartered Institute of Linguists and Institute of Translation and Interpreting. My involvement in women’s enterprise has been as Chair of the National Women's Enterprise Panel and President of the Eurochambres Women's Network. I was recently conferred a life-time achievement award by the Association of Translation Companies. 

I wanted to apply my practical experience as an entrepreneur to my research subject. I also wanted to pursue my studies while continuing to work.   
I have had a long-standing connection with Aston. I was awarded an honorary doctorate from Aston in 2005.

My current research interest is in senior female entrepreneurship and particularly how the entrepreneurial intentions of older women are triggered. I am a senior entrepreneur and understand well the problems older women face when considering venture creation.

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