Bach Nguyen

Economics, Finance and Entrepreneurship 

Bach nguyenPosition: Lecturer                                                                                                                                      Tel: 0121 204 3753                                                                                                Email:                                                                                                          Room: SW908

Dr Nguyen is a researcher in the field of small business and entrepreneurship. His main research interest is understanding the economics and management of new ventures and small businesses. His research interest lies in several aspects of small businesses, including entrepreneurial financing, investment decisions, human resource management, and institutional settings on firm investment and performance. He currently serves as an Editor of Journal of Asian Business and Economic Studies (Emerald). Before joining academia, he spent several years in financial industry as a professional data analyst.



  • Ph.D. Aston University, UK, 2017 (Full scholarship from Aston Business School)
  • M.Sc. Dundee University, UK, 2012 (Distinction, Best Student Award)
  • B.A. Jinan University, China, 2008 (Distinction, Best Student Award)
  • Lecturer, Economics, Finance and Entrepreneurship Department, Aston University, UK (2019 - )
  • Assistant Professor, Business and Management, United International College, Beijing Normal University – Hongkong Baptist University, China (2017-2019)
  • Teaching Assistant, Aston Business School, Aston University, UK (2013-2017)
  • Senior Analyst, Finance Department, Thinh Phat JSC, Vietnam (2012-2013)
  • Head of Department, Research Office, Sacom Bank, Vietnam (2010-2011)
  • Analyst, Market Analysis Department, CTBC Bank, Vietnam (2008-2010)

Dr Nguyen has been involved in teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

  • International Entrepreneurship (postgraduate)
  • Entrepreneurial Management (undergraduate)
  • Business in the Changing World (undergraduate)
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation (undergraduate)
  • Microeconomics (undergraduate)
  • Small Business and New Venture Formation and Performance
  • Financing Constraints and Cognitive Constraints in Entrepreneurship
  • Determinants of Small Firms Investment, Innovation, and Growth
  • Leader: Beijing Normal University – Hongkong Baptist University – United International College Research Grant: ¥20,000 (2018-2019)
  • Member: National Foundation for Science and Technology Development (NAFOSTED) Vietnam $60,000 (2018-2021) 
  • Topics related to small business management, financing, investment, and growth
  • Topics related to national institutions, sub-national institutions/local governance quality and their influence on small businesses
  • Associate Fellow, Higher Education Academy, UK Member
  • Academy of Management, US Member
  • Regional Studies Association, UK Member
  • International Association of Financial Executives Institutes

Refereed Journal Papers

  • Nguyen, B. The Effects of Regional Governance, Education, and In-Migration on Business Performance. Kyklos. 2019 (forthcoming)
  • Nguyen, B. Local Institutions on Small Firm Investments: Degree of Institutional Persistence Matter. International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business. 2018.
  • Nguyen, B. Entrepreneurial Reinvestment: Local Governance, Ownership, and Financing Matter – Evidence from Vietnam. Journal of Small Business Management. 2018.
  • Nguyen, B. Is a Bit More Experience Bad? The Role of Entrepreneurial Experience on Investment Rate. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour & Research. 2018.
  • Nguyen, B., Mickiewicz, T., and Du, J. Local Governance and Entrepreneurship in Vietnam: The Transaction Costs Perspective. Regional Studies. 2017.

Selected Conference Presentations

  • Nguyen, B. Human Resource Management, Environmental Dynamism and Firm Innovation: A Study of Small Businesses. Academy of Management Proceedings, 2019.
  • Nguyen, B. Formal and Informal Financing Decisions of Small Businesses. Academy of Management Proceedings, 2019. Nguyen, B. Local Governance on Small Business Performance: The Role of Regional Education and In-migration. Academy of Management Proceedings, 2019
  • Nguyen, B. Entrepreneurial Reinvestment: Local Governance, Ownership, and Financing Matter. Academy of Management Proceedings, 2018.
  • Nguyen, B., Du, J. Which Local Governance Institutions Influence Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises’ Investment; and How Financing Constraints Mediate the Relationship. Academy of Management Proceedings, 2016.
  • Nguyen, B., Du, J. How Financing Constraints Influence Financing Strategy of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises: Evidence from Vietnam. Academy of Management Proceedings, 2015.

Book Chapters

  • The Routledge Companion to Management Buyouts. (Editors: Wright, M., Siegel, D. and Bacon, N.) Du, J., Nguyen, B. Chapter: Characteristics of Management Buyouts in China, Oxford, U.K, 2018. 
  •  Routledge Handbook of Asian Family Business - Governance, Succession, and Challenges in the Age of Digital Disruption. (Editors: Yan, D-H., Yu, F-L.) Nguyen, B., Vu, N. Chapter: Family Business in Vietnam, Oxford, U.K, 2019 (working).
Ad hoc reviewer Regional Studies, Ad hoc reviewer Small Business Economics, Ad hoc reviewer Journal of Institutional Economics.