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Seminar Series 

The seminar series provide speakers from other universities and members of Economics & Strategy Group with an opportunity to present their work in progress and ideas for future work. Members from other subject groups and universities are more than welcome to attend.

The seminars are held on Wednesdays from 13.00 to 14.00 in SW1109, South Wing (11th floor), unless otherwise stated.

Wednesday 19 February at 13:00-14:00pm
11th floor Room SW1109
Robust Econometric Inference for Stock Return Predictability
Dr Michalis P.Stamatogiannis
University of Bath

Wednesday 26 February at 15:00-16:00pm
MB245 (swipe access required)
Prof Arnis Sauka
 SSE Riga

Wednesday 5 March at 12:00-13:00pm
Council Room (Ground floor, Vice-Chancellor wing)
Prof Nigel Driffield
Aston Business School

Wednesday 12 March at 13:00-14:00pm
11th floor Room SW1109
Methods of Maverick Identification
3rd year PhD student Joe Bromfield 
Aston Business School

Wednesday 19 March at 13:30-14:30pm
Council Room (Ground floor, Vice-Chancellor wing)
The Good, the Great and the Independent: Implications of Board and Ownership Structures on Investment
Dr Anna Grosman
Aston Business School

Wednesday 26 March at 13:00-14:00pm
11th floor Room SW1109
R&D and the Margins of Trade
Dr Liza Jabbour
Birmingham Business School

Wednesday 28 May 13:00-14:00pm
Room G8 (Ground floor)
Familiarity Breeds Alternative Investment: Evidence from Corporate Defined-Benefit Pension Plans
Prof Gills Chemla
Imperial College London


 If you would like to present a paper, please contact the seminar series organiser Dr Jun Du