Prof Tomasz Mickiewicz

Economics, Finance & Entrepreneurship Department

Tomasz Mickiewicz

Tomasz Mickiewicz is the 50th Anniversary Professor of Economics at Aston University, Birmingham; honorary research fellow at University College London; and associate editor of Regional Studies. His research is on how formal and informal institutions affect performance and entrepreneurship. Recent publications include papers in Journal of Business Venturing, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Journal of World Business and others.

Position: Professor of Economics
Phone: +44(0) 121 204 3007 
Room: SW1014

  • MA, Catholic University of Lublin, 1984

  • PhD, Catholic University of Lublin, 1988

  • Habilitation in economics, Marie Curie University, 2008

  • Head of Group - Economics & Strategy, Aston University, Aston Business School. (January 1, 2014 - Present) 
  • Professor of Economics, Aston Business School. (January 2012 - Present) 
  • Professor of Comparative Economics, University College London. (2008 - 2011) 
  • Senior Lecturer in Economic Restructuring, University College London. (2002 - 2008) 
  • Lecturer in Economic Restructuring, University College London. (1996 - 2002) 
  • Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, University of London. (1995 - 1996) 
  • Lecturer in Economics, Institute of Economics, Catholic University of Lublin. (1992 - 1996) 
  • Researcher, Department of Economics and Institute of Governmental Affairs, University of California at Davis. (1991 - 1992) 
  • Deputy Mayor of Lublin, Economic Affairs (1990 - 1991) 
  • Assistant Lecturer in Economics, Institute of Economics, Catholic University of Lublin. (1986 - 1992)
  • Modules taught at Aston: BH1109, International Perspectives in Organisations 

  • BS2261, Emerging and Transitional Economies 

  • BSM940, Economic Environment of Business 

  • DR1SUP, Doctoral Supervisions 

  • MBAPROJ, MBA Projects 

  • MSCDISS, MSc Dissertations

  • Entrepreneurship

  • International Business

  • Economics

REG_BA_212 Social capital and migration - evidence from a post-conflict environment in Bosnia and Herzegovina; Regional Research Promotion Programme; Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (2015-2017)

  • Muna Bughaith (Education and Occupational Choice of Entrepreneurship) 
  • Ehsan Khavandkar (Innovation of Start-ups in UK Science Parks) 
  • Susan Lanz (Family Firms)
  • Muntasir Shami (Arab Spring and Entrepreneurship)


  • Associate Editor, Regional Studies. (June 1, 2013 - June 30, 2016)

  • Editorial Board Member, Post Communist Economies. (2009 - Present)

  • Review Board Member, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice (Jan 1, 2015 - Present)

  • Consulting Board Member, Economic Sytems. (2010 - Present)

  • Reviewer, Ad Hoc Reviewer, Acta Oeconomica.

  • Reviewer, Ad Hoc Reviewer, Comparative Economic Studies.

  • Reviewer, Ad Hoc Reviewer, Corporate Governance: International Review.

  • Reviewer, Ad Hoc Reviewer, Economic Letters.

  • Reviewer, Ad Hoc Reviewer, Economics of Translation.

  • Reviewer, Book, Edward Elgar.

  • Reviewer, Ad Hoc Reviewer, Ekonomika.

  • Reviewer, Ad Hoc Reviewer, Emerging Markets Finance and Trade.

  • Reviewer, Ad Hoc Reviewer, Europe-Asia Studies.

  • Reviewer, Ad Hoc Reviewer, European Societies.

  • Reviewer, Ad Hoc Reviewer, Geografia Polonica.

  • Reviewer, Ad Hoc Reviewer, Growth and Change: A Journal of Urban and Regional Policy.

  • Reviewer, Ad Hoc Reviewer, International Journal of Managerial Finance.

  • Reviewer, Ad Hoc Reviewer, Journal of Business Venturing.

  • Reviewer, Ad Hoc Reviewer, Journal of Economic Growth.

  • Reviewer, Ad Hoc Reviewer, Journal of International Relations and Development.

  • Reviewer, Ad Hoc Reviewer, Journal of Management Studies.

  • Reviewer, Book, Palgrave-Macmillan.

  • Reviewer, Ad Hoc Reviewer, Post-Communist Studies.

  • Reviewer, Ad Hoc Reviewer, Research Policy.

  • Reviewer, Book, Routledge.

  • Reviewer, Ad Hoc Reviewer, Slovo.

  • Reviewer, Ad Hoc Reviewer, Small Business Economics.

  • Reviewer, Ad Hoc Reviewer, Transnational Corporations.

  • Reviewer, Ad Hoc Reviewer, World Development.                                                             

  • Academy of Management: Entrepreneurship Division
  • International Management Division European Association for Comparative Economic Studies (former president, now member of advisory board) 
  • Regional Studies Association
  • Bhaumik, S. K., Estrin, S., & Mickiewicz, T. (2016). Ownership identity, strategy and performance: Business group affiliates versus independent firms in India. Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 1-31, early online. 
  • Driffield, N., Mickiewicz, T., & Temouri, Y. (2016). Ownership control of foreign affiliates: A property rights theory perspective. Journal of World Business, 51(6), 965-976. 
  • Du, J., & Mickiewicz, T. (2016). Subsidies, rent seeking and performance: Being young, small or private in China. Journal of Business Venturing, 31(1), 22-38. 
  • Estrin, S., Mickiewicz, T., & Stephan, U. (2016). Human capital in social and commercial entrepreneurship. Journal of Business Venturing, 31(4), 449-467. 
  • Mickiewicz, T., Nyakudya, F. W., Theodorakopoulos, N., & Hart, M. (2016). Resource endowment and opportunity cost effects along the stages of entrepreneurship. Small Business Economics, early online. 
  • Estrin, S., Mickiewicz, T., Rebmann, A. (2016). Prospect theory and the effects of bankruptcy laws on entrepreneurial aspirations. Small Business Economics, early online.
  • Winning Paper, Emerald Citations of Excellence (2016), awarded for: Estrin, S., Korosteleva, J., & Mickiewicz, T. (2013). Which institutions encourage entrepreneurial growth aspirations?. Journal of business venturing, 28(4), 564-580. 
  • Officer's Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta, President of the Republic of Poland. (2007), Awarded for activity in the Movement for Defense of Human and Citizens' Rights, under Communism. 
  • Best Economic Textbook Award, Polish Economic Association (1993), awarded for "Wybór w gospodarce" ("Economic Choice"), 4th edition published by Konsorcjum Akademickie, Kraków 2012. 
  • Editorial work: "Regional Studies", Associate Editor 
  • "Post Communist Economies", Member of Editorial Board 
  • "Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice", Member of Editorial Review Board
  • "Regional Studies", Associate Editor 
  • "Post Communist Economies", Member of Editorial Board 
  • "Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice", Member of Editorial Review Board