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Aston Student Law Review

The Aston Student Law Review is a journal created by Aston Law School to showcase the best essays from current Aston Law students, as well as any other pieces of work that they may contribute. 

The Aston Student Law Review features essays written by Aston Law School students on a variety of issues. As explained by Dr Daniel Cash, Editor-in-Chief:

“The Review enables us to celebrate the excellent work of our students.  Previous editions have included essays on many different topics, addressing issues of law that students have come across as part of their studies and other issues of practical significance that students have found to be of interest to them.”

October 2019

Aston university student law review 5

In this Special Edition, there are articles that focus on
issues such as the development of black women within the
legal arena, and also the potential future for the legal field
with regards to the progression of women within it. To
accompany this critical analysis, there are biographies
of famous figures such as Ruth Bader Ginsburg. We also
have an interview with a practicing lawyer, together with
fascinating insights into the lives of inspiring women outside
of the UK. 

You can download the third issue below. 

Issue 5 - Aston Law Review


September 2019

 aston law issue 4    

In this fourth issue of the Aston Student Law Review,                                                                  there are a number of pieces that aim to examine                                                                important issues ranging from the development of                                                                      Fraud-related regulation from two very different fields,                                                                    to an analysis of legislation in the digital age.

You can download the third issue below.

Issue 4 - Aston Student Law Review   

January 2019

The third issue is a special edition containing essays
on alternative dispute resolution and arbitration.  
The essays are written by students on Aston 
Law School’s Commercial Law module in 2017-18.  
The Foreword is written by Lord Thomas, 
the former Lord Chief Justice.

You can download the third issue below.

Issue 3 - Aston Student Law Review

December 2018


This second issue contains articles on Equity 
and Trust Law, Legal Theory, Comments on Brexit 
and Corporate Governance, and finally a review of 
a recent conference on Insolvency Law that 
took place in Aston in November.

You can download the second issue below.

Issue 2 - Aston Student Law Review

April 2018 marks the first volume of the Aston Student Law Review. 

The publication features the works of current students within Aston Law School, and is designed to both showcase the work of the students, but also provide interesting and thought-provoking reading for students. 

This review contains articles on Commercial Law, European Union Law and Legal Theory, as well as a Q&A with Mary Prior QC. You can download the first issue below.

Issue 1 - Aston Student Law Review