Aston Law School

    • Professor David Bainbridge (Emeritus Professor)
    • Martin Brenncke (Lecturer in Law)
      Specialisms: Financial Regulation, Statutory Interpretation, EU Law and Comparative Law.
    • Dr James Brown (Senior Lecturer)
      Specialisms: Land Law, Trusts, Landlord and Tenant Law, Contract and Jurisprudence
    • Dr Frances Burton (Senior Lecturer)
      Specialisms: Property, Dispute Resolution and Family Law Specialist 
    • Dr Daniel Cash  (Lecturer in Law)
      Specialisms: Financial Regulation and Corporate Governance 
    • Mr Peter Coe (Senior Lecturer in Law)
    • Professor Simon Cooper (Professor in Law)
    • Mrs Caroline Coles (Senior Teching Fellow)
    • Paul Dale (Teaching Fellow)
    • Ms Elizabeth Dolan (Teaching Fellow)
      Specialisms: Contract Law and Dispute Resolution 
    • Mr Jonathan Finn (Teaching Fellow)
      Specialisms: Constitutional and Administrative Law 
    • Mr Martino Giaquinto (Visiting Senior Academic Fellow) 
    • Mr Robert Goddard (Deputy Head of School) 
      Specialisms: Tax, Fraud, Corporate Governance, Law of the Crown Dependencies
    • Olga Gurgula (Lecturer in Law)
      Specialisms: IP and the Life Sciences/Emerging Technologies, including Intersection with Competition Law; Access to Medicines
    • Dr Edina Harbinja (Senior Lecturer in Media/Privacy Law)                                                              Specialisms include: Privacy and data protection and Intellectual property law
    • Ms Claire Howell (Reader in Law)
      Specialisms: Intellectual Property Law, Intellectual Property Strategy and Management and Innovation in Teaching.
    • Ms Odette Hutchinson (Dean of Law (interim)/Reader in Law)
      Specialisms: Educational Innovation, Criminal Law and Business Ethics 
    • Laura Hyde (Teaching Fellow)
    • Michael Jarrett (Teaching Fellow)
      Specialisms: Tort and Legal System/Skills
    • Ms Pat Johnstone (Visiting Senior Academic Fellow)
    • Pieter Koornhof (Lecturer in Law)
      Specialisms: Competition Law, Electronic Commerce and Digital Entertainment
    • Mr Kris Lines (Lecturer)
      Specialisms: Sports Law, Tort, Medical Law and Legal Education
    • Dr Joy Malala (Lecturer in Commerical Law)
    • Mr Roger McDermott (Senior Teaching Fellow) 
      Specialisms: Business Law and Employment Law
    • Abhilash Nair (Senior Lecturer in Law)
      Specialisms: Internet Law, Online Child Safety Laws, Pornography
    • Dr Iyare Otabor-Olubor (Lecturer in Commercial Law)
             Specialisms: Secured Transactions Law and Consumer Credit Law

    PhD Students