Dr Edina Harbinja

Aston Law School 

Edina Harbinja (staff)

Position: Senior Lecturer in Media/Privacy Law                                                                                              Phone: +44(0)121 204 4370                                                                                                                            Email: e.harbinja@aston.ac.uk                                                                                                                        Room Number: SW711 

Edina’s principal areas of research and teaching are related to the legal issues surrounding the Internet and emerging technologies. Edina is a pioneer and a globally recognised expert in post-mortem privacy, i.e. privacy of the deceased individuals. Her research has a policy and multidisciplinary focus and aims to explore different options of regulation of online behaviours and phenomena, including privacy and data protection, IP, contract law, property and succession. She has published widely on aspects of internet law and regulation, and has been a visiting scholar and invited speaker to universities and conferences in the USA, Latin America and Europe. Her research has been highly impactful and has been cited by legislators, courts and policymakers in the US, Australia and Europe. Edina also regularly engages with the media, and her key appearances include the BBC Tomorrow’s World, BBC Ideas, ABC, The Law Society Gazette, The Legal Practice Management Magazine etc.

Edina holds a number of appointments and memberships outside Aston. This includes, inter alia, membership of the Advisory Council at Open Rights Group, Senior Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy, membership of the Executive Committee, British and Irish Law, Education and Technology Association (BILETA). Edina is also an alumna of the Leadership Foundation’s Aurora programme and the UK Digital Economy Ambassador, as a part of the CHERISH-DE Digital Economy Crucible Programme, Swansea University. She is a peer reviewer for a number of IT law journals. Edina is one of the chief editors of the EUP book series ‘Future Law’, and has been invited to guest edit two journals in the area of technology and law so far.

Find her on Twitter at @EdinaRl.


Edina holds an LLB (1st class hons.) from the University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the LLM in IT and Telecommunications Law (dist.) from the University of Strathclyde and a PhD in Law, University of Strathclyde. 
Before joining Aston, Edina worked as a Senior Lecturer in Law at the University of Hertfordshire, and a visiting lecturer at the University of Strathclyde. She also previously worked in the telecommunications industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina as an in-house senior legal associate.

Edina is currently teaching Media/Privacy Law

She has experience in teaching:

  • E-commerce Law
  • Telecommunications Law
  • Internet Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Contract Law
  • English Legal System and Skills 
  • Internet and new technologies law and regulation
  • Privacy and data protection
  • Intellectual property law
  • Online death and succession 
Edina has won small research grants as a PI, including the Swansea University CHERISH-DE seedcorn funding for an interdisciplinary project on AI and user consent. 
Edina is currently supervising a DBA student. She has prior experience of PhD supervision and welcomes research proposals within her broad areas of research interest.
  • Member of the Advisory Council, Open Rights Group
  • Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • Member of the Executive Committee, British and Irish Law, Education and Technology Association (BILETA)
  • Member, Death Online Research Network
  • Member, Society of Legal Scholars
  • Aurora alumna, Leadership Foundation, Advance HE
  • UK Digital Economy Ambassador, CHERISH-DE Digital Economy Crucible
  • Society for Computers and Law (SCL) – Women in Tech Law group
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