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 Kris Lines joined Aston Law as a Teaching Fellow in April 2016. Before this, he studied for an LLB in Law and Business Studies at the University of Birmingham. He has also completed an MPhil (Law) and an MA in Higher and Professional Education, obtaining a distinction.

After Law School, Kris trained as a chartered accountant in a leading city firm, before spending ten years at Staffordshire University where he worked most recently as an Associate Professor of Sports Law, University Teaching Excellence Fellow and Chair of the Business, Education and Law Faculty Ethics committee.

His research interests  are primarily based around sports and medical negligence, anti-doping, informed consent, the regulation of sport (in particular its definition) and ambush marketing. Previously, Kris competed on the National circuit as an elite trampolinist, however a shoulder injury forced his retirement as an active competitor. He now coaches gymnastics, trampolining and cheerleading in his spare time and is a tutor for British Gymnastics. Kris has written for a number of leading international sports law journals and media outlets. He also regularly presents papers at conferences in this area.

Kris is the Module Leader for the Law of Torts. He has also co-founded the blog: the Sports Law Canary (previously syndicated through the Guardian Newspaper Sports Network) and the peer-reviewed student journal: The Laws of the Game. He has also acted as an Associate Editor for Common Ground Publishing.

Position: Senior Teaching Fellow

Phone: +44(0)121 204 3028
Room: SW 716A

  • 2014 - MA Higher & Professional Education (with Distinction), Staffordshire University 
  • 2010 - Civil & Commercial Mediator, ADRgroup 
  • 2005 - MPhil, University of Birmingham 
  • 2000 - Institute of Chartered Accountancy for England & Wales (ICAEW)ACA exams: Financial Accounting, Financial Reporting, Financial Decisions, Management Information 
  • 1999 - LLB (Law with Business Studies), University of Birmingham 
  • Associate Professor of Sports Law, Staffordshire University (2005-2016) 
  • Postgraduate Teaching Assistant, University of Birmingham (2002-2005) 
  • Researcher on Home Office British Crime Survey (through IPSOS UK) (2001-2005) 
  • Trainee Chartered Accountant, KPMG (1999-2000)

Kris is the module leader for Tort Law, and Medical Law & Ethics 

Previously he has taught Sports Law, Criminal Law, Research Skills, and Law for Business Students. 

  • External Examiner (Law) 
  • 2014, Kris organised a cross-disciplinary National HEA workshop on "Using game-design pedagogies to embed skills in the law or social sciences curriculum" 
  • 2010, Kris was awarded the inaugural LearnMore Award for "Excellence in the use of Technology in Learning" 
  • Kris' main research is in Sports Law 
  • Medical Law 
  • Torts (in particular Negligence) 
  • Legal Education and Learning & Teaching innovation (in particular Transmedia, Legal Mapping and Distance Learning)
  • APPLE (Assessment Perception and Practice in Legal Education, funded by JISC,2013): £10,000 
  • SMOOCH (Staffordshire Massive Open Online Course, funded by HEA 2012): £6,700 
  • HEIF4 voucher (collaboration with Squire Sanders LLP, 2010): £4,000
  • 1x PhD Completion: David Rogers, ‘An examination of the Secular and Ecclesiastical Law of Exhumation from lawful burial in the context of criminal enquiries’ (2015) 
  • Independent PhD Chair x7 (representing the University Research Degrees Sub-Committee, Staffordshire University 2013-2015)
  • Senior Fellow, Higher Education Academy 
  • Member of the Society of Legal Scholars 
  • Member of the Institute of Medical Ethics


  • Press Interview (radio) – Discussion of trampoline park safety: BBC 5Live (21st March 2017)
  • Panellist, ‘Ballsy Women’ (Pre-recorded Sky TV channel, Channel 266), 31st July 2016 ‘Female discrimination in sport’
  • Press Interview (Live TV) – June 2015, BBC News Channel: Discussion of FIFA Corruption Scandal and implications moving forwards for 2018/2022
  • Press Interviews (radio) – 2010 discussion of liability of winter Olympics officials and athletes: BBC Scotland, BRMB, Heart FM, BBC Radio Cumbria, Galaxy FM, Radio Verulam, Cross Rhythms, 91.8 Hayes FM, Radio Jackie, Atlantic FM, Colourful Radio, Radio Relations Studio session
  • Discussion of Carlos Tevez Defamation Claim (2011, LWT London Tonight TV)
  • Discussion of WADA-BOA Doping case (2012, BBC Radio Stoke), Discussion of Doping Controversies (Radio, Iran 2013)


  • Speaker at inaugural Graphic Justice conference, St Mary’s University 4-5 July 2017: “‘Why so serious?’ – could an immersive transmedia approach enhance future legal education…”
  • Speaker (with Jon Heshka) at Sports and Recreation Law Association, Las Vegas USA, March 2017: ‘Too fast, too furious – when should sports governing bodies be liable in negligence for the death of their athletes?’
  • Speaker (with Jon Heshka) at Sports and Recreation Law Association, New Orleans USA, March 2016: ‘Learned Hands or White Knuckles – evaluating the duty of care owed to participants in extreme sport’
  • Invited Panel speaker on sports corruption at World Sport IP Forum, 26th October 2015 at London Stock Exchange
  • Speaker (with Dr Jo Beswick), ‘Equality Act: Five years on’ Conference at University of Chester 22nd June 2015: “The Power of Equality (Except if you play sport!): Why the Equality Act 2010 reinforces discrimination”
  • Visiting Lecturer – ERASMUS Programme, Warsaw University, Poland (June 2nd 2015): “A (Qatari) Winter is Coming: FIFA Corruption and shifting allegiances” 
  • Speaker, HEA Social Sciences Conference, Birmingham (21-22nd May 2014): “”I Know Kung-fu!”: Will downloadable knowledge lead to human revolution or social stratification?”
  • Speaker & Chair, at HEA Workshop ‘Using Game-Based pedagogies to embed skills in the law or social sciences curriculum’, Staffordshire University, (Monday 2nd June 2014): “Horizon-Scanning: A brave new world or reinventing wheels?”
  • Visiting Lecturer, Warsaw University, Poland: 19th February 2013: “Pedal or Peddle:  What lessons does the Lance Armstrong scandal have for anti-doping?” 
  • Speaker (with Jon Heshka non-presenting) Sport and Society Conference, Cambridge University 2012: “One ding to rule them all: A proposed new approach to regulating brain injuries in sport” 
  • Speaker, eLearning 2.0, Brunel University 2012: “I hear, I know... I see, I remember… I Tweet, I can understand and apply it! Using twitter to enhance and extend undergraduate law lectures” 
  • Speaker (with Jon Heshka non-presenting) at World Sports Law Report's: Tackling Doping in Sport 2011 (in association with UK Anti-Doping Squire & Sanders Hammonds): "Technological Doping: Assessing the competency of sport to regulate technology" 
  • Keynote Speaker, RK Jain Sports Law Knowledge lecture & seminar, New Delhi 26 February 2011: "The New Developments in International Sports Law CAS Jurisprudence with Perspective of Sports Law in India"
  • Visiting Lecturer at National Law University, New Delhi (25th February 2011): "Fuzzy Thinking: Why we should take a much less prescriptive view to defining modern sport"
  • Speaker (with Jon Heshka non-presenting) at International conference on Sports history, Oslo (24th February 2011): "The Challenges of Regulating Winter Sport: Tilting the Field with Technology" 
  • Speaker (with Jon Heshka) at inaugural International Conference on Sport and Society, Vancouver, BC (8 March 2010) – “Assessing the Competency of Sport to Regulate Technology”
  • Speaker at 8th Annual PE & School Sports Conference, Manchester (13th November 2008)
  • Speaker at Sports and Entertainment Stream, Socio-Legal Studies Association Annual Conferences, Stirling, Scotland (28-30 March 2006), and Leicester (7th April 2009)
  • Visiting Academic – Melbourne University (Jun-Sept 2004), Thompson Rivers University (March 2010)

Journal publications / articles / writing

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