Members of the Marketing Department

Marketing and Strategy Department Administrator

Marketing Faculty

  • Dr Anna Ackfeldt (Senior Lecturer) 
    Specialisms include: Services Marketing and Management; Service performance and Front-line employee behaviours
  • Professor Markus Blut (Professor and Research Convenor)
    Specialisms: Retail and Service Marketing/Management 
  • Dr David Carrington (Teaching Fellow)
    Specialisms: Strategic Management, Strategic Decision-Making, Cognition and Cognitive Mapping
  • Elaine Clarke (Associate Dean)
    Specialisms: Consumerisation of Higher Education; Marketing concepts and the learning experience; Professional Skills Development
  • Dr David Dose (Senior Lecturer)
    Specialisms: Retail and Service Marketing/Management; Customer Engagement
  • Dr Iftakar Haji (Lecturer)
    Specialisms: Consumer Behaviour and Retail Marketing
  • Dr David Gilliland (Senior Lecturer)
    Specialisms: Governance and Channels of Distribution 
  • Clive Kerridge (Teaching Fellow)
    Specialisms include: Experiential learning pedagogies incl. simulations; Mergers, acquisitions and strategic alliances.
  • Dr Rushana Khusainova (Teaching Fellow)
    Specialisms: Salesperson Motivation, Sales Control Systems, Work-life Balance and Digital Marketing
  • Dr Julie Lewis (Teaching Fellow)
    Specialisms: Retail Marketing, Multi-Channel and Omni-Channel Retailing and Marketing Communications.
  • Dr Brigitte Nicoulaud (Senior Teaching Fellow and Deputy Head of Department)
    Specialisms: Marketing Strategy and Competitive Positioning. 
  • Dr Uche Ogwude (Teaching Fellow)
    Specialisms: Organisational Practices and Routines
  • Dr Omid Omidvar (Lecturer)
    Specialisms: Strategic Management, Innovation, Change Management and Practice Theory
  • Dr Igor Pyrko (Lecturer)
    Specialisms: Strategy as practice, Casual Mapping, Strategy Workshops, Communities of Practice and Organisational Learning
  • Dr Chris Richardson (Teaching Fellow)
    Specialisms: Marketing Strategy, Marketing Dept. Influence; Marketing Manager Competences and Traits 
  • Dr Neil Shepherd (Lecturer)
    Specialisms: Strategic management, strategic decision making, top management teams, marketing management
  • Julius Stephan (Teaching Fellow)
    Specialisms: Consumer Poverty, Intergenerational Social Mobility and Consumption, International Marketing, Market Entry Mode and Decision-making of SMEs
  • Wendy Tabrizi (Senior Teaching Fellow and Head of Marketing & Strategy Department)
  • Dr Efstathios Tapinos (Senior Lecturer)
    Specialisms: Strategy Process and Practice, Uncertainty, Strategic Foresight, Scenario Planning and Sense Making
  • Carrianne Wallace (Teaching Fellow)
    Specialisms: Equestrian Services Capes, Folk Festival Design and Experience and Qualitative Research Methods 
  • Dr Carola Wolf (Lecturer)
    Specialisms: Strategic Management and Management Careers 
  • Dr Naila Zulfa (Teaching Fellow)
    Specialisms: Consumer Behaviour: Social Influence and Customer Relationship Management

Emeritus and Honorary Professors  

  • Professor Graham Hooley (Emeritus Professor)
  • Professor John Rudd (Honorary Professor)

Doctoral Researchers

  • Mr Oluwasanmi Adegbaju
  • Ms Patricia Afful-Kwaw
  • Ms Ruolan Chen
  • Mr Kuan Choon Chew
  • Ms Amela Dizdarevic
  • Ms Julia Hillig
  • Mr Md Tamhid Ul Islam
  • Mr Antoine Kebbe
  • Ms Katherina Kils
  • Mr Martin Kyere
  • Mr Tien Le Duc
  • Mr James Lytle
  • Mr Uchechukwuka Ogwude
  • Ms Mahrokh Roknifard
  • Mr Mark Taylor
  • Ms Ankita Tibrewal