Andreas Schroeder

Andreas Schroeder 003

             Position: Senior Lecturer

              Phone: +44(0)121 204 3342


              Room: ABS 256

Andreas’s research and teaching interests lie in the systems and strategies needed to help businesses grow through the use of information technology (IT). He began his career as a project manager for process engineering in the chemical industry in Germany. His work led him to be involved in the design and specification of IT systems for business processes, and he decided to pursue the topic to study a Masters Degree and PhD in Wellington, New Zealand. 

Andreas’s research specialties have focused on understanding how businesses select and acquire the IT systems they need, and then how to integrate them into the business to get the most value from them. He has taught undergraduate and postgraduate modules on e-commerce, databases, business management and the global management of IT at City University in Hong Kong, The Open University and the University of Buckingham.

He is a core member of the Advanced Service Group (ASG), a centre of excellence in research and practice on servitization and advanced services. At ASG he leads the research on the role and value of data in the context of advanced services. Servitized products are largely part of the ‘Internet of Things’ and manufacturers and customers co-create data when products are used. For manufacturers this data has strategic value when aggregated, allowing them to better understand their market, their customer needs and their service provision, and refine their business models. Capturing and interpreting the ‘in-use’ data gives the manufacturer significant competitive advantage and helps to secure future business with the customer; many businesses are yet to capture the full value of this innovation.

Podcast with ‘Manufacturing at Heart’ (2016): It Isn’t About Data — It’s About What You Do With It


Interview with ‘The Manufacturer’ (2016): IoT and your servitization journey


Webcast with ‘Oracle’ (2016): Servitization and the Future of Manufacturing


Industry whitepaper (2016): Advanced Services and Telematics


Interview with ‘Field Service Digital’ (2016): Is Truck-as-a-Service the Future of Fleet Management?


Industry whitepaper (2015): Manufacturers’ Advanced Services: IoT as the key to profitability and growth


Interview with ‘Field Service Digital’ (2015): As Manufacturers Assume Service Role, What’s Left for Field Service?


  • Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (PGCert), Aston University, 2015.
  • Ph D, Victoria University of Wellington, 2008. Subject: Commerce & Administration with a focus on Management Information Systems 




  • Senior Lecturer, Aston Business School. (September 1, 2013 - Present)
  • Senior Lecturer, Buckingham University. (June 1, 2011 - August 31, 2013)
  • Lecturer, Buckingham University. (February 1, 2010 - May 31, 2011)
  • Research Associate, Open University. (May 1, 2009 - January 31, 2010)
  • Research Fellow, City University of Hong Kong. (2008 - 2009)
  • Sessional Lecturer, City University of Hong Kong. (2007 - 2008)
  • Sessional Lecturer, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. (2003 - 2006)


Current module leader for:


  • BNM805 Foundations of Business Systems
  • BN3320 Managing IT in a Global context
  • BN2237 Databases
  • BUP102, IBML Undergraduate Placement Assessment
  • MBAPROJA, MBA Project
  • MSCPROJ, MSc Project


Previous teaching involvements:


  • BNM830 Managing Multi-Organisational Enterprises & Enterprise Systems
  • BN3389 Theory and Practice eCommerce


  • Digitalization and Internet of Things
  • Business value of IT
  • Servitization, Product-Service Systems and Business Transformation
  • Business Value Networks


  • 2016-2019 ”Circ€uit: Marie Curie ETN” from European Commission Horizon 2020 (amount 4 million Euro).
  • 2016 ”Enhancing Relevance and Impact in Brazil for Research in Green Technology Management & Product-Service Systems” from Newton workshop grants (amount 35,950 GBP).
  • 2016-2019 “TRAN-SIP: Transforming SMEs to improve their revenues through the adoption of advanced services” from European Regional Development Fund (amount 1,130,000 GBP).
  • 2015 “Understanding Transactive Memory System and Geographical Dispersion in Team Context: A Cross-level Perspective” from University Grants Committee (Hong Kong) (amount 31,263 GBP).


  • Fellow, Higher Education Academy (2014 - Present)
  • Member, Association of Information Systems. (2008 - Present) 


 Journal Publications


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Book Chapters
  • Alwasel, A., Clegg, B., Schroeder, A., (2016). Outsourcing to Cloud-based Computing Services in Higher Education in Saudi Arabia, in ‘Design Solutions for User-Centric Information Systems’, IGI Global.
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Conference Proceedings


  • Schroeder A. (2016) Capturing the benefits of digitalization and service innovation: A business network perspective, ICIS 2016 SIGSVC: Service Science Workshop, Dublin, Ireland.
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