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About the Team

The centre of excellence is led by Professor Tim Baines, a globally-recognised leading authority on servitization and author of the book Made to Serve: How Manufacturers Can Compete Through Servitization and Product Service Systems.

The centre has two honorary professors who are highly experienced practitioners from manufacturing companies, who have first-hand experience of transforming manufacturing companies to be services-led, and share this experience in the centre’s teaching, research and professional education. They are Des Evans, former CEO of MAN Truck & Bus UK, and Andrew Harrison, Lifecycle Engineering Fellow at Rolls-Royce.

The centre’s staff include

  • Dr Daniel Andrews
  • Dr Ali Z. Bigdeli
  • Torsten Dehn
  • Jekaterina Dmitrijeva 
  • Jill Forrest
  • Patricia Garcia-Martin
  • Gill Holmes
  • Dr Angela Marqui
  • Iain McKechnie
  • Iain McKechnie
  • John Morley
  • Eleanor Musson
  • Parikshit Naik
  • Dr Chris Owen
  • Dr Panos Petridis
  • Dr Andreas Schroeder
  • Dr Megan Ronayne

About the Advanced Services Group

The Advanced Services Group is a centre of excellence specialising in servitization, the organisational transformation of manufacturing companies to compete through services, in particular advanced services.

Many manufacturers have recognised that just making and selling products on a transactional basis isn’t enough to sustain reliable revenue streams and guarantee future growth.

Successful adopters of servitization have recognised that competing through services combined with the product to deliver outcomes for customers- helping them to ‘get the job done’- rather than just selling them the product to do the job- can lead to better, longer-term relationships with customers and much more reliable revenue streams.

This video explains more about servitization and advanced services.

More about the Advanced Services Group on its website

Training, education and research

The centre of excellence provides education, training, research and teaching, and hosts an international partnership of like-minded professionals who are transforming their manufacturing businesses to compete through services. Its team of over twenty researchers and practitioners helps global manufacturers and technology innovators to develop services-led strategies.


The centre hosts over twenty staff involved in research and application of knowledge about servitization, and the use of gamification to educate people about servitization and help them to apply it. Part of its funding comes from the EPSRC and publications can be found here.

Executive Education and Training

The Skills for Servitization personal development course is a one-day course intended for individuals who want to learn or brush up on the fundamental skills needed to lead servitization in any business. More information.

Bespoke two day masterclasses for individual companies who wish to run workshops for a group of executives are also available. The programme will be tailored to the company needs, and can include business model innovation, strategic roadmapping, using new technology to deliver services and much more.

The Advanced Services Partnership

A research and implementation partnership of like-minded senior executives from non-competing businesses who are seeking to explore and accelerate the adoption of advanced services in their businesses. The co-chair of the partnership is the VP for Innovation at Goodyear. More information.

The Advanced Services Programme for SMEs

A fully-subsidised programme for SMEs in the Birmingham and Solihull area, providing 75 hours of support to deliver sustainable growth to businesses by helping them to capture significant untapped value from their customers. More information.