Current Research Projects

Enhancing Relevance and Impact in Brazil for Research in Green Technology Management & Product-Service Systems

Faculty Involved: Dr Breno Nunes

Funded By: The British Council

FISpace - Future Internet Business Collaboration Networks in Agri-Food, Transport and Logistics

Faculty Involved: Dr Christopher Brewster

Funded By FP7

Transforming the adoption of Product-Service systems through innovation in applied gaming technology

Advanced Services Group

Faculty Involved: Professor Tim Baines, Dr Panos Petridis

Funded By:EPSRC

Research Excellence and International Collaboration on Corporate Response to Climate Change

Faculty Involved: Professor Prasanta Dey, Breno Nunes

Funded By: The British Council under the Newton Fund Researcher Links scheme

Rail Accessibility Improvement using a Simulated Environment (RAISE)


Pathways towards Servitization: A transnational study of organisation Transformation towards Servitization

Faculty Involved: Dr Ali Bigdeli and Prof. Tim Baines

Funded By: ESRC