Operations Management

The following Group members are involved in research in this area: 

For Students:

We concentrate our learning and teaching activities in both undergraduate and post-graduate on the state-of-art content for Operations Management. Students taking modules run by this team will have the chance of experience learning of highly-applied knowledge for manufacturing and service organisations. Our teaching material explores the business context of both developing and developed countries alongside their own idiosyncrasies such as infra-structure, culture, and regulations.

For Academics and Researchers:

The research developed by Operations Management team aims at providing organisational competitiveness improvement through innovative operations strategy and practices.

Our main research strengths reside in 5 main areas:

  • Operations Strategy

  • Servitization

  • Management of Entreprises

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Green Operations

For Industry:


Our research is usually strongly focused on practical challenges and opportunities that organisations face when they want to improve their operations function. Both private and public sectors have been part of our research projects which has created strong links of our team with industry and government. We are happy to engage with industry in various forms from research partnerships to executive courses and consulting.

We work with global organisations, both big and small. Examples of current and previous research partners of the Operations Management Team include:

•  Chiltern Railways
•  Caterpillar
•  MAN
•  Xerox
•  Rolls-Royce
•  IBM
•  Jaguar Land Rover
•  Toyota
•  Bombardier