O&IM Group staff contribute to teaching within Aston Business School at all levels: undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral research methods and management development.

Major contributions to the School's undergraduate programmes are on the BSc Business and Management (BAM), BSc International Business and Management (IBAM), BSc Accounting for Management (AFM), BSc International Business and Economics (IBE) and the BSc Business Computing and IT.  However, our work on the Common First Year and other core modules in Years 2 and 4 means that we come into contact with all of the School's undergraduate students.  In the Common First Year, we deliver modules such as Information Technology for Business, Principles of Operation Management and Quantitative Techniques.  In Year 2, we are responsible for managing the Business Game as well as offering modules such as Databases, Management Science, Doing e-Business and Operations Management.  In Year 4, we offer modules such as e-Business Systems Development, Data Envelopment Analysis, Effective Management Consultancy and Advanced Business Computing.

As well as contributing to broad-based programmes such as the Aston MBA, the MSc in Business Studies and the MSc in Internation Business, O&IM staff teach a range of specialised option modules on programmes such as the MSc in Operational Research and Performance Management and a number of new programmes including MSc Information Systems & Business Analysis (ISBA), MSc Business & Marketing Analytics, MSc Business Analytics & Information Systems Management and MSc Enterprise Systems & Business Analytics.

O&IM Management Development teaching consists of tailored courses for specific clients, which have recently included Jaguar, Land-Rover, Dstl and NEC.

Courses managed by O&IM staff




  • Information Systems & Business Analysis
  • Business & Marketing Analytics
  • Business Analytics & Information Systems Management 
  • Operational Research & Performance Management
  • Supply Chain Management


Undergraduate Modules

  • BN1115 Foundations Of Business Analytics
  • BN1116 Intorduction of Business Analytics
  • BN1135 Principles of Operations Management
  • BN1160 Information Technology for Business
  • BN2225 Business Game
  • BN2226 Advanced Spreadsheet Systems
  • BN2228 Systems Analysis
  • BN2229 Systems Analysis Project
  • BN2231 Decision Support Systems
  • BN2234 IT and Web Development
  • BN2237 Databases
  • BN2254 Business Analytics & Data Mining
  • BN2255 Business Analytics in Practice
  • BN2284 Total Quality Management
  • BN2285 Doing e-Business
  • BN2289 Enterprise Resource Planning
  • BN2290 Operational Research Techniques
  • BN3318 Operations Strategy
  • BN3320 Managing Information Technology in a Global Context
  • BN3322 International Operations
  • BN3324 Simulation
  • BN3350 Principles of Project Management
  • BN3353 BCIT Final Year Project
  • BN3370 Effective Management Consultancy
  • BN3372 Supply Chain Management
  • BN3373 Data Envelopment Analysis
  • BN3383 Management Science Project
  • BN3385 Effective Project Delivery
  • BN3386 Knowledge at Work
  • BN3389 Theory and Practice eCommerce
  • BN3397 Work Based Project 1 (Literature Review)
  • BN3398 Work Based Project 2

Postgraduate Modules

  • BNM239 Applied Research
  • BNM735 e-Business
  • BNM745 International Operations
  • BNM746 Technology-Led Service Strategy
  • BNM747 Transforming to Technology-Led Services
  • BNM748 Strategic Global Outsoucing & Off-shoring
  • BNM778 Strategic Global Outsourcing & Off-shoring
  • BNM802 Simulation for Managerial Decision Making
  • BNM803 Developing Business Systems Workshop
  • BNM804 Enterprise Resource Planning
  • BNM805 Foundation in Business Systems
  • BNM806 Information Systems Management
  • BNM808 Managing Projects
  • BNM810 Operations Management
  • BNM817 Effective Management Consultancy
  • BNM818 Statistical and Econometric Methods
  • BNM819 Advanced Spreadheets & Databases
  • BNM820 Operational Research Methods
  • BNM825 Advanced Performance Measurement
  • BNM826 Performance Measurement in Practice
  • BNM828 Market Anayltics
  • BNM830 Managing Multi-Orgainisational Enterprises & Enterprise Systems
  • BNM831 Learning, Skills and Career Development
  • BNM842 Data Mining & Business Intelligence
  • BNM852 Quality Management
  • BNM879Operations Management
  • BNM899 Operations Management
  • BNM1 Introduction to Quantitative Methods for Management