Academic Qualifications 

  • BA (Hons), University of Central England in Birmingham, Government, 1984
  • DMS (Dist), University of Central England in Birmingham, 1986
  • Grad IPM, University of Warwick, Warwick Business School, 1987
  • MA, University of Warwick, Warwick Business School, 1987
  • PhD, University of Warwick, Warwick Business School, 1992
    Thesis title: ‘Management, Control, Ethnicity and the Labour Process’  
  • Honorary Doctorate, University of Hasselt, Belgium, 2011
  • Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

Research Interests

  • Small firms
  • Employment relations
  • Ethnic minority entrepreneurship
  • Engaged scholarship

Recent Research Funding

Economic Social and Research Council - Award Value: £ 873994.40

‘Productivity from Below: Addressing the Productivity Challenges of Microbusinesses’
(PI: Monder Ram) (CIs: Mark Hart, Luke Fletcher, Judy Scully, Anne Green, Stephen Roper)
Feb 2019 - Jan 2021

ESRC DTP Collaborative Studentship

‘Civil Society and the Development of Inclusive Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: The Case of Citizens UK and Birmingham’s Migrant Businesses’
(M. Ram and N. Theodorokapolous) 

Natural Environment Research Council - Award Value: £86,274.00

ENCOMPASS: Engaging Communities, Publics and Society
Oct 2017 - Oct 2018

Economic Social and Research Council - Award Value: £6187.00

Building an Inclusive Ecosystem
April 2017 - Jan 2018

Low Pay Commission - Award Value: £49,689

The Impact of the National Living Wage on Small Firms
(M. Ram, P. Edwards and G. Meardi)
Feb 2017 – Dec 2017

Greater Birmingham and Solihull Local Enterprise -  Award Value: £50,000
Partnership, Citizens UK, UoB and NatWest

Building an Inclusive Ecosystem for Growth in Disadvantaged Areas
Oct 2016 – May 2018

Selected Publications

Jones, T., Ram, M., and Villares-Varela, M. 2018, ‘Diversity, economic development and new migrant entrepreneurs’, Urban Studies,

Villares-Varela, M., Ram, M., and Jones, T. 2018, ‘Bricolage as survival, growth and transformation: the role of patch-working in the social agency of migrant entrepreneurs’, Work, Employment and Society, 32(5): 942–962

Vershinina, N., Rodgers, P., Ram, M., Theodorakopoulos, N., Rodionova, Y. 2018, False self-employment: the case of Ukrainian migrants in London's construction sector, Industrial Relations Journal, 49(1):2-18.

Pollard, J., Down, S., Richter, P. and Ram, M.  2018,  ‘Financialisation and small firms: a qualitative analysis of Bio-Science and Film and Media Firms’, International Small Business Journal, 36(3): 247-264 

Ram, M., Edwards, P., Jones, T. and Villares-Varela, M. 2017,  ‘From the Informal Economy to the Meaning of Informality: Developing Theory on Firms and Their Workers’,  International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy,  37(7/8): 361-373

Ram, M., Jones, T. and Villares-Varela, M.  2017, Migrant Entrepreneurship: Reflections on Research and Practice, International Small Business Journal 35(1): 3-18

Edwards, P., Ram, M., Jones, T. and Doldor. S. 2016, ‘New migrant businesses and their workers: developing, but not transforming, the ethnic economy’, Ethnic and Racial Studies, 39(9): 1587-1617 

Scholin, T., Hogberg, L., Ram, M. and Jones, T. 2016, ‘Categorising and labelling entrepreneurs – Business Support Organisations Constructing the Other through Prefixes of Ethnicity and Immigrantship’, International Small Business Journal, 34(3): 242-260

Carter, S., Mwaura, S., Ram, M., Trehan, K., and  Jones, T. 2015 ‘Barriers to Ethnic Minority and Women’s Enterprise: Existing Evidence, Policy Tensions and Unsettled Questions’, International Small Business Journal, 33(1): 49-69

Theodorakopoulos, N., Ram, M. and Kakabadse, A. 2015, ‘Procedural Justice in Procurement Management and Inclusive Interorganizational Relations: An Institutional Perspective’,  British Journal of Management, 36, 237-254 4

Ram, M., Edwards, P., Jones, T., Kiselinchev, A., Muchenje, L. 2015, ‘Getting Your Hands Dirty: Critical Research in a State Agency’, Work, Employment and Society, 29, 3: 462-478


Memberships of significant external organisations/societies

2018 - Present: Member, International Advisory Council, UNITEE, New European Business Council

2018 -  Present: Member,  Research Advisory Group for the Food, Farming and Countryside Commission

2018 -  Present: Chair, Local Advisory Group, Birmingham Common Purpose

2016 - Present: Member of the Judging Panel for the Queen’s Award for Enterprise

2015 - Present: Non-Executive Director, ART Business Loans