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The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor is the largest single study of entrepreneurial activity in the world.

The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) is a not-for-profit academic research consortium that aims at making high quality information on global entrepreneurial activity readily available to as wide an audience as possible. 

The GEM research programme is an annual assessment of the national level of entrepreneurial activity.

Based on a harmonized assessment of the level of national entrepreneurial activity for all participating countries, the research involves exploration of the role of entrepreneurship in national economic growth. Systematic differences continue, with few highly entrepreneurial countries reflecting low economic growth. There is, further, a wealth of national features and characteristics associated with entrepreneurial activity. 

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Initiated in 1999 with 10 countries, the 2013 GEM Global survey is set to cover 75% of world population and 89% of world GDP. The United Kingdom was a founding GEM nation. Additional GEM reports for Scotland and Wales began in 2000. In 2002, the year of the first study for Northern Ireland and for some of the English regions, we decided to merge our data and create an integrated GEM UK project that incorporated Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the English regions.  This immediately gave us a bigger study overall and our 2002 report was based on a survey of some 16,000 adults of working age across the UK.  Since 2002 the project has grown in terms of size and scope. By 2013 we now have a pooled dataset for the UK of nearly 300,000 individuals which enables us to provide analysis of the trends in entrepreneurial attitudes, aspirations and activity across a range of sub-national geographies.  

We have undertaken bespoke analysis for a range of UK clients including BIS; Welsh Government; Invest NI; Defra; RBS; Commission for Rural Communities; English RDAs.  The GEM UK team works closely with the team producing the Global Entrepreneurship Development Index (GEDI) which has resulted in analysis for Scottish Enterprise and Invest NI.

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