StAmP Trial

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StAmP stands for ‘Statins to Ameliorate early-onset Pre-eclampsia’ and is the title of an ongoing clinical trial initiated by our Vascular Research team. It is the world’s first randomized controlled clinical trial on the use of statins in pregnancy, and has the potential to completely transform the way we treat preeclampsia.

Statins are a class of drugs commonly taken by individuals prone to heart disease. They are currently used to lower cholesterol in patients at risk of heart disease and work by inhibiting cholesterol-producing enzymes in the liver. Research has shown that statins have a pleiotrophic (multi-faceted) effect; in pre-clinical trials conducted by Vascular Aston researchers they have been shown to reduce the two proteins which were previously identified as being elevated in patients with preeclampsia.

The effects of Pravastatin are currently being tested on patients diagnosed with early-onset preeclampsia recruited from 15 centres around the UK. StAmP is a “double-blind, randomised placebo-controlled” trial, meaning that in the interest of accuracy and objectivity, neither the doctor responsible for administering the treatment nor the patient know whether they have been given statins or a placebo for the duration of the trial.

If this trial is successful it could allow us to treat serious cases of preeclampsia effectively using drugs which are already widely available, and could potentially be the first step towards curing preeclampsia altogether.

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