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Student support, including for your career

The thought of medical school can be daunting, however Aston University and Aston Medical School will support you in many different ways.

What kind of support can I expect to receive at Aston Medical School?


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An overview of student support at Aston Medical School from Dr Afshan Ahmad and Amanda Bishop

As a well-established University we have a wealth of experience in providing our students with all the support they need, pastorally and academically. Before you arrive you will be sent all the information you need to prepare you for your first days at Aston. The induction week will be your very first week of Year 1. It will involve meeting your fellow medical students and staff from Aston Medical School and finding out everything you need to know about being a student at Aston:

  • The campus
  • What to expect on the course
  • How to get in touch with staff
  • What student services are available
  • How the Student’s Union and their services can help you
  • What academic writing and maths support is on offer
  • How to access peer mentoring
  • How to find your way around the city.

In addition our EU/ international students will receive support with:

  • How to access banks etc
  • What English Language support is on offer.

If anything is not covered, you will have plenty of opportunities to speak to staff so that they can point you in the right direction for further advice and support. 

What kind of academic support can I expect to receive at Aston Medical School?

We appreciate that the jump between school-level and Medical School-level education can be scary and intimidating as the way of teaching will be different. As you will be expected to learn in a more independent way to what you have experience previously, Aston will provide a lot of support to “teach you how to learn”.

You will also benefit from the comprehensive personal tutor system that we have here at Aston. When you arrive at Aston you will be allocated a personal tutor who will remain your personal tutor for the duration of the course. You will be able to build a dialogue with your personal tutor for the duration of the course by being in touch with him / her. You will be able to approach him / her on your own, or see them with their other personal tutees, giving a sense of community and teamwork. Your personal tutor will be able to help and guide you with any personal problems or offer you educational advice. For example, if you have not performed as well as you expected in exams then you would be able to talk with your personal tutor to establish where you may have gone wrong and how you can improve for the next set of exams.

There is also an Enabling Team for students that may need support with a disability.

How will Aston Medical School support me to get the job that I want?

Our careers team works with the British Medical Association’s (BMA) careers advice and support, and working abroad teams to support you in deciding the best career path for you. We also work with the careers team for Health Education England in the West Midlands to provide you with a comprehensive structure around careers. This will include assistance with your UK Foundation Programme application. All core career resources that will assist you with taking your next step, such as CV surgeries, application advice and interview practice will be available to you through Aston’s award winning careers service.

What do current Aston students think of the support provided?


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Current Aston Medical School students May and Milda discuss their experiences of student support at Aston University.


How can I find out more?

You can find out more about some of the additional sources of support at Aston University here: